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nour elhoda
12-25-2013, 01:59 PM
Allah is invisible??!!
Three persons went to argue with a scholar telling him that you say that Allah is existent, and accordingly we want to see Allah!!! . The second advanced and told him you say that on the Day of Judgment the chastisement will be with fire and the Jinn were created from fire, so how fire is tortured with fire?? … The third said you say that man's actions are predestined and that man is not responsible for his actions and I see that man creates his actions. …. The scholar nodded in agreement. Consequently, the scholar filled his hand with dust and throw it at their faces and told them this is the answer to the three questions. The first asked to see Allah since it is existent and you felt pain from the dust, so if you are able to make me see the pain? .. He said: No, .. the scholar said so not all what is existent can be seen . And the second asked how fire tortures fire .and while he was created from dust, he felt pain from dust. And the third claimed that I should admit that Man is obliged on his actions and has no control over them, so you should not be angry with me it is predestined.
Scientifically speaking, there are so many things that are invisible and can only be seen and detected through the effect they leave, they are neither touchable, visible, nor testable.
If only what we see does exist there are so many things that cannot be seen but can never be denied.
For example, if we put a magnet opposite to a piece of iron, we notice that the magnet pulls the piece of iron by a certain kind of power which is invisible, but at the same time can never be denied.
Electricity is also invisible, we can never see its transmission through wires, we can only detect it if we turned on a lamb by seeing its effect (the light).
Pain, whether it was physical or psychological it can never be seen , and can never be detected, it is only the one who feels it believes in its existence.
All these things and so many other are invisible but this invisibility cannot mean ignoring its existence. So how can we deny the existence of God in spite of all the effects that witness his existence ?????

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12-25-2013, 04:43 PM
Good one. I was told a slightly different one. Rather than dust, it was a 'slap' in the face. On the pain of being slapped, both had skin so how can skin against skin create pain...

Peace :shade:

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