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01-21-2014, 01:28 PM
Islamic Ethics: Honouring the pious Ulama

At the bequest of the noble students that we are blessed to have at Cordoba Academy, I have decided to open this new thread in which we will be able to remind each other of the adab (Islamic Ethics) that is required for those who are engaged in either imparting or seeking the Sacred Sciences. I have kept the article purposefully brief and the language rather simple in order that it can be read with the minimum of time and effort. I realize we sadly live in an age wherein reading is fast becoming an alien action in favour of browsing and viewing.

I ask Allah to accept this humble effort from me and allow me to improve my own adab before I remind others of the need.

There can be no doubt in the minds of Muslims that they are required to honour the Ulama (Scholars of the Sacred Sciences) as this has been clearly shown by numerous authentic Ahadith of our most Beloved (salahu alayhi wasalam) when he said:

عَنْ عُبَادَةَ بْنِ الصَّامِتِ، قَالَ : سَمِعْتُ رَسُولَ اللَّهِ صَلَّى اللَّهُ عَلَيْهِ وَسَلَّمَ ، يَقُولُ: لَيْسَ مِنْ أُمَّتِي مَنْ لَمْ يُجِلَّ كَبِيرَنَا، وَيَرْحَمْ صَغِيرَنَا، وَيَعْرِفْ لِعَالِمِنَا حَقَّه[i]

On the authority of Ubaadah ibn Saamit (May Allah be pleased with him) that the Apostle of Allah (salahu alayhi wasalam) said ........ Continue


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