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View Full Version : Wordly reason to do good thing and avoid bad thing

02-09-2014, 03:13 PM

One day in office hour, when I was writing on my desk I heard a woman came and talked with my employee. My employee could not answer that question, then he asked me. I looked at them to answer the question. When I looked at my book again I realized something "Hey, this customer is beautiful!". But I could hold myself to not look at her.

It's because I realized, she noticed me too. And if look at her to 'enjoy' her beauty, she would know it. Probably it would make her have negative perception on me. Yeah, I remember the etiquette lesson that I've ever learned.

Frankly, as an adult, few times I faced temptations, like temptation of woman, and also ever invited to commit financial crime by someone. But I could hold myself to not fall into these temptations. I was thinking long and realized the bad impact that would be happen if I could not hold my desire and fall into these temptation.

Alhamdulillah. although not big, I have income that enough to fulfill my family need. I also able to pay zakat and give sadaqah. I give these charity not only because command from my religion, but also because I know that poor people need help.

Just three examples when I do or not to do something not only because Islam obligate me or Islam forbid me, but also because I had another reason that can be regarded as "wordly reason". And I feel, this worldly reason made me have stronger motivation to do or not to do something, instead of if I do or not to do something just because "Islam says like this".

How about you?. Do you have wordly reason too to do good thing and avoid bad thing beside your religious reason?. And how big the effect of this worldly reason for your motivation to do good thing and avoid bad thing?.

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02-09-2014, 04:56 PM
People are divided into a few categories, who make things happen, who follow what happens, who watch what happens and who wondered what just happened?

I like to make things happen. If not I just watch what happens. I am not stingy with knowledge. I will impart my knowledge to those who ask, without reserve. Even if it means they WILL beat me. But they got to want it.

I feel gratified when a person improves with better understanding. I personally like to engage the mind. With a 'stimulated' mind, things can happen. Enthusiasm can be developed, team spirit can be harnessed etc etc. That is surely worldly benefits.

Here (in this forum), my understanding has a long way to go and I am not with 'substance' to be able to advice religiously on many matters. But I will try to voice mine from my understanding so that it may be corrected if I am off. I am a born muslim and come from a fairly religious family. In this forum I hope to better understand what is custom and what is actual.

On the issue of temptations, what can I say? We are all human. Everyone will have their vices. At the very least, a vice. And they WILL be tested. All I can really say about it as this recent times has been probably the most testing times for me and my family. And I believe Allah will not burden His slaves more than he can handle. As long as my heart is beating I know, I have to believe, and I have to accept His divine decree that I have to face this and I will have to handle it for my "hereafter's" sake! I have to have patience. :exhausted


02-09-2014, 05:12 PM
Many nonmuslims refrain from bad deeds because they will have a negative impact on them or their business / work. Such as refraining from relationships at work or staring at a woman because of fear of sexual harassment cases. or refraining from embezzling money / fraud because of the negative effect dishonesty has. But those people whose only reason is worldly consequences are pretty weak and will act this way so long as they fear getting caught or dishonored in society or the advantages are less than the risks. But as soon as they either realize that they won't get caught or the advantages outweigh the risks/negative effect, they follow their desires.

On the other hand, when the reason is mainly or purely a spiritual / religious one, the person acts in good ways no matter where they are or what the circumstances are. Such people are at the highest level of moral development. There are 3 levels of moral development. You can research this to learn more. Those who are at the highest level will do the ethically correct act no matter what the consequences. Those at the lower levels act according to what is societally accepted or legal, which is not necessarily ethical or good.

It's important to act with "Ikhlas" (for Allah's sake only) so you can get reward in the Hereafter. Deeds (especially religious deeds like charitable giving) done solely for worldly benefits will not be rewarded. For example, if you give charity with the intention that it will be good publicity for your business, such charitable deeds are not rewarded by Allah.

02-10-2014, 12:27 AM
My wife ever told me that one thing which made her interested to marry me was my ability to controlling my gaze.

Maybe she was right. Since I was kid I have been taught about manner and etiquette, and importance of honoring myself. If I met a woman and I could not control my gaze, then she would have negative view on me. I've trained myself to control my gaze since I was young, so I don't have problem to control my gaze when I am in a place that full of women.

Different than some brothers here who always complain about how to control their desire and gaze when they were in place that full of women. But I notice, they use only religious reason to control their gaze such reward and punishment in hereafter. I often thinking, if they realized about importance manner and etiquette and importance of honoring themselves, they would have better ability to control their desire and gaze.

I also had been taught about impact that I would get if I could not control my desire and fall into temptation. They gave me example like "Look at Mr.Fulan. He could not control his desire on women. Now his married life is destroyed".

Thinking about the impact that I would get in life, is really help me to avoid doing bad deed. From my experience, if I was thinking only on religious reason like "I should not do it because this is haram", my mind automatically try to find an excuse to do this bad deed. Usually the excuse that I got was "I can repent after I do this".

Thinking and realize about negative impact that I would get make me have another reason to not do something bad. Have two reasons to not do something makes me stronger to avoid bad deed than if I have only one reason.

About doing good deed like charity. I feel, I would have better motivation to help needy people if I have empathy to them, rather than if I do it just because religious reason which would make me just donate my money without ever hugged those needy people and made them smile.


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02-10-2014, 08:14 PM
Jazak Allah Khayr for this thread...a very important and a must thread....

Thanks for sharing you thoughts every one as this is the true basis of doing a good deed and avoiding a bad one.... the inner peace that you get and not just the fear to have something or loose something in the hereafter....

The only Quranic Verse that I can think of which explains what you people are discussing is in Chapter 55 Surah Al Rahman Verse 60:

Is the reward for good [anything] but good?

the Strengh that you gain by doing what is right and the goodness felt within oneself for observing that Islamic moral and adhering to it is the true basis of the righteous conduct and character.

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