View Full Version : Help with Jummah Prayers?

02-12-2014, 04:37 AM
I attend a public high school in the United States and because I am at school all of Friday, I am unable to attend Jummah prayers. I have recently discovered the paramount importance of attending Jummah prayers and would like advice on my options. The nearest masjid is 10 minutes away by car however the only time I would be able to go is my lunch period which is only 40 minutes. Even then, arranging for transportation would be difficult. Doing the prayer at school would be difficult because there are aren't any Muslim students with the same lunch period. One of my friends with the same lunch period used to be a Muslim but now he is an atheist. Any advice with how to deal with praying Jummah and/or helping my recently converted friend turn back to Islam?

Allah knows best

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