View Full Version : nikah validity and backbiting

04-13-2014, 09:31 AM
Asalaamu Alaikum I am suffering from some severe waswas. I am In Shaa Allah getting married tomorrow. In the past I've often fallen into the trap of backbiting and this includes about my dad too. And I have even said somethings to my fiance about my dad. I know I never to ask for my father's forgiveness but if I don't do it before my wedding tomorrow does that somehow affect the validity of my nikah Also another question is if this is considered backbiting... I said that we need to do this because I know this person .in my head I'm thinking this person is easily upset etc. But I then realised what I said sounded really negative so I quickly said that after all they have been so kind to us so we shouldn't disappoint them. Please help me :(

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Alpha Dude
04-13-2014, 03:23 PM
Wa alaykum salam,

Backbiting is a separate issue that has no bearing on your nikah's validity. In sha Allah things go well for your tomorrow. May Allah give you a happy married life and pious offspring. Aameen.

05-14-2014, 02:59 AM
4 minutes ago Asalaamu Alaikum I have a complicated question to ask on behalf of another My friend had committed zina and fornication the past... she was not practicing and had talked of this to a great number of people as a means of boasting about her sins. She later repented for the zina and also constantly repents for all the mistakes she made (but not specifically thinking of how she also talked of a sin to many people). She is now married but her husband is not aware of hr past. She is concerned whether her boasting would be considered a confesssion of her sin and therefore does she need go get the flogging punishment. Or should she consider that this was all in the past and go on with her marriage. Is her nikah valid now as she had told people but not been flogged. Please note that her intention for tellingpeople was not confessing but put of ignorance she was boasting thinking it was a great accomishment. Also later after regretting her action she has told of some people but with regards to wanting advice on how to make tawbah. Is this considered a confession in the sense of flogging.

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