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Muslim Woman
07-03-2014, 05:18 PM

( first part of the story is missing here . Pl. check video , link given below )


How You Can Beat The Martyr To Paradise! á´´á´° - Ustadh Majed Mahmoud

Talha Bin UbaidAllah, a very righteous companion, he had a dream. In that dream he saw himself, he says, 'I was in front of the gates of jannah (paradise) and I saw these two people that became Muslim and then an angel came out of jannah and admitted the one who died later into jannah first. Then the angel came outside and admitted the one who was martyred in the dunya (this world) second.'

Then angel came for the third and last time and told me, Talha, irji' (you go back), your time has not come yet.'

Talha woke up and he was so shocked, so amazed. He started telling people about the dream which he had. He went to Rasoolullahi (Sallallaahu Alayhiwasallam). Don't forget (to say) Sallallaahu Alayhiwasallam, no matter how many times you hear his beautiful name, (Sallallaahu Alayhiwasallam). The Prophet told him, 'ya Talha, why are you amazed.' He said 'ya Rasoolullahi, a shaheed (a martyr) such a high status, he goes to jannah after the regular man who died only one year later. SubhanAllah, how is it possible Rasoolullah?'

He is not complaining from Allah. He is just wondering. He wants to know what is it that he (the second person) has done that made him go to jannah first, because he has high dreams and ambitions and hope. So he will for sure, InshaAllah, pursue whatever that man did so he can go to jannah first.

The Prophet says, 'Talha are you amazed?' He says 'yes!' and he explains why. The Prophet asked him a question and look at the beautiful answer. He said, 'ya Talha, didn't that man who died later witness one more year than the martyr.' He said, 'bala (yes).'

He siad, sallallaahoalaihi wasallam, said 'therefore didn't that man witness the month of ramadan and he prayed more.' 'Bala (yes) ya rasool Allah.' He said, rasool Allah Sallallaahu Alayhiwasallam said, 'due to that witnessing of Ramadan and praying more, the difference between him and the martyr is like the difference between the heavens (spelling) and the earth.' SubhanAllah.

You know, how much hope it gives me when I was preparing this talk and I hope it gives you as well. That one Ramadan can take you beyond the shaheed, can take you beyond the one who has the whole Quran memorized if you come to Allah with sincerity.

How You Can Beat The Martyr To Paradise! ᴴᴰ ┇ Ramadan Reminder 2014 ┇ by Ustadh Majed Mahmoud ┇ #TDRRamadan2014 ┇

Assalaamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakaathuhu

References to the hadith mentioned:

1) In Musnad Al-Imam Ahmad: Classified as Saheeh by the scholar Imam Ahmad Chaker.

2) And it can be found in Saheeh ibn Hebban: Classified as authentic by Ibn Hebbaan.

3) And it can be found in Saheeh ibn Majah: The scholar of hadith Imam Al-Albani classified it as Saheeh (authentic).

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