View Full Version : No celebration at Eid?

07-29-2014, 02:15 PM

Eid day went great alhamdulilah, lot of guests came and ton of food lol. However came across some relatives who don't even celebrate Eid. They say "Oh Gaza is under attack #FreePalestine how can we celebrate when our brothers our suffering". Isn't this a wrong approach? I thought Eid was meant for celebration even if people are being oppressed. Allah has even made it haram to fast on this day.

:jz: for your input.

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07-29-2014, 08:40 PM

It is wrong to not celebrate it because of what is going on.

I won't lie, I spoke to my Mom and said "let's not do it this year because of what's going on in the world", but weirdly enough, through the Imam who did the sermon at Eid salaah, we were told that regardless of what is happening, it is a day or rejoicing, adorning nice clothes and eating nice food. He said "if you do not celebrate it, the children will go to school where they will be given presents at Xmas and the children will be enticed into other religions" which I think is a fair point. I remember getting a £1 coin from school when it was Xmas but we got nothing for Eid.

HOWEVER, we did say prayers for the Gazans/Syrians etc before the children were given money and presents, and before they went home. My 5 year old nephew, bless him, said he wanted to give all his money to the Gazans. I told him the money was for him, that it was Eid and that we had donated quite some money already.

PS. When my Dad died, we didn't celebrate Eid for a year or two, but then one year, we heard a sermon which said "you can't put your life on hold because someone has died, and Eid is a day for rejoicing" etc, and that's when we started celebrating again.


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