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View Full Version : The Thought and saying that God is unfair is very dangerous----

10-03-2014, 08:12 PM
The thought and saying that God is unfair is very dangerous ---
We, the mankind, are ordered to believe in all of the beautiful Attributes and Qualities of God in the unseen way. That means, we must believe that God is High above any defects. God is Subhaan and Quddoos, which means that God is the Lord of Glory and is clean and pure from any defect. Whether our mind understands or not but we must have strong belief in the unseen God and HIS Qualities. This is because God is all Mighty, the Knower of the secrets of the hearts, is All hearing, all Seeing, the Owner of all power and there is no way of escape from HIM. So we must fear HIS Anger. Such fear is the first and foremost solution of such thoughts. The second answer to such questions is to read and understand the Holy Quraan thoroughly, because it has answer to all problems and questions. In fact Satan is a very bad enemy of mankind. Such wrong ideas about God come into the mind from this deadly enemy (Satan). Satan struggles all the time to stray man from the right path and puts in his mind wrong thoughts and doubts about God. Satan does this struggle because he wants to lead mankind into the everlasting Hell.
After correcting and purifying our belief about Allah, we can easily see that God is not unfair at all. Rather God is the Greatest of Judges; HE is the CREATOR of justice and fairness. It is God Who has given the sense of justice and fairness to mankind. Just look at the heaven, can you find any defect? No! Look at the birds moving on two legs, can you see any dfect? No! Humankind also walks upright on two legs, is there any defect? No! Cycle of the day and night---- light of the day and darkness of the night! The blessing of sleep for complete rest and comfort of the body and mind, blessings of sight hearing and speech etc. then which of the bounties of your Lord will you deny?
Now come to the apparent happenings: Read the story of Musa and Khizhar alaihima salam in surah Al Kahf (chapter 18 ) verses, 60---82.
The reader can clearly see that what appears bad, there is lot of good in it. Indeed we always see that something which happened to us in the past and we considered it a misfortune proved to be of great benefit. In English there is a saying, “misfortunes are blessings in disguise”. Someone must have made this proverb (saying) after long experience. But the condition is that we must b sincere and we must consider the things with clear and pure mind without any obedience to Satan. Anyone that listens to Satan ruins himself. Here is a story that I heard from my neighbor:
There was a king who had an intelligent minister. Whenever a misfortune happened, the minister said,” there will be some good in it.” One day the king’s finger got injured. The minister, as usual, said the same words. The king became angry and imprisoned the minister. The king went for hunting, he reached to a place far away where he was caught by some people. They said that on that particular day they would sacrifice the first person who entered their land. So they decided to sacrifice the king. Meanwhile they saw his cut finger. They freed him saying that due to injured finger he was not suitable for the sacrifice, they would wait for someone in perfect health. The king thanked God, returned home and freed the minister. Then the he asked the minister in wonder, “ For me it was good because in this way I got saved from getting killed, but what was good in keeping you in prison?” The minister answered, “ If I had not been in prison then surely I would have accompanied you in hunting, so those people seeing me without any injury/ defect, would choose me for the sacrifice, but thanks to God that I got saved by getting imprisoned.”
The matter of the next world is completely different. A person who is in a very high and respectable position here, may become very low and humiliated there, while the one very low here may get a high honorable position there. We must know that a kafir or a fasiq who has nothing but Fire in the Hereafter, is rewarded in this world for any good that he/she does. This is the justice of Allah. Compared to this a muttaqi ( the one who does good and guards himself against evil due to fear of Allah) faces hard tests here which wash off his sins so that he/she is without any fear or grief in the next world. This is the Mercy of Allah. So apparently we see that God- fearing people are in hardship while the unbelievers are enjoying a happy life. The reason is explained above. If an unbeliever gives charity to a poor person, he gets the reward here. If a believer gives charity to a poor person, he does it with the intention to please God Allah and he wants the reward in the Hereafter. So Allah, the Most Merciful, accepts his charity to reward him in the Hereafter. On the other hand if he makes some sin, for example, doesn’t give the rights of a neighbor, he may go into trial to understand his mistakes and improve his actions and the hard trial will also wash off his sins.
In the end my sincere advice is to fear God and protect oneself from any rudeness to All Mighty God Allah even in the depth of one’s heart.

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