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View Full Version : Is doing an amal when you see someone do it or when your in a Mâsjid considered Riya'

11-15-2014, 09:44 PM
:sl: I dont know bout any1 else, but is this considered riya when u see other people in the masjid perform sunnah salat and you get this huge boost or a power up in yourself to do the same thing? I remembered readin bout it somewhere

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11-16-2014, 01:34 AM

One day when me and my friend visited a place we saw a donation box from an orphanage. Then I put money in that donation box, just small amount, and I told my friend "We have to care to the orphans". So my friend donated his money too.

Was I doing riya?. I didn't think so. I just wanted to remind him and did not intend to be praised by him. Riya is doing an amal or good deed with intention to make people praise the person who do this amal. Riya or not riya is depend on intention.

If you invite the others to do an amal like invite them to perform salah sunnah in jama'at with you, it's not riya. If you feel motivated to do an amal because you see someone do this amal, it's not riya.

What is riya?. If you donated money and you tell everyone that you have donated your money to make them admire you, it's riya. If you do an amal like someone has done with intention to make the others know you can do this amal better than this person, it's riya.

11-17-2014, 10:00 PM
NO. Riyaa is only if you intend to earn the pleasure of others when you should do it for Allah's sake alone. So in the case when you do something which your environment encourages good, you should do the good! it's in human nature that we feel more motivated to do good deeds at some times over others. but the deal is that you should try to strive at all times to do good.

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