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11-25-2014, 01:06 AM

Brothers and sisters, i have an idea and i want to listen to your opinion about my idea. The idea is building a project (like application or sites) together with the contributor is came from this community with the purpose to help muslim community with that project in many ways or aspect that important in Islam.

Elaborately, i often think that with the advance of technology especially internet, there are so many software, or application, or sites that really affecting the way we live, often alter the way we behave compared to the time before internet. For example, google change the way we search for information,facebook, twitter change the way we make social relationship with others. So lets think about this, if this kind of service existed on the internet which is many of this services is not really important to us or giving any benefit to us (like social media). Why we (muslim community) not building something that really usefull to ourselves in the matter that really important to us. I know there are already so many sites or application that existed out there that related to Islam, such as sites about Quran and its translation, application about duas ,etc, and i know this is very useful to us. But what i complain is many of this effort usually done individually hence the impact or the acknowledgement for this kind of effort is little (i am sorry, this is only my assumption). Imagine if we build this kind of project collectively, the focus is not entirely to the final product, but the unite of this community working together for the same cause. I am sure if we work together, we can build something that better or too heavy if it is done individually.

So my idea is what if from this community, we build something that we see it useful, we start from something that simple, we maintain it together, maybe if that product is already mature, we can move to another project and we keep building something. We start from simple thing,...

So for now i have this two ideas,..
First, i want to build an app that helping us to memorize Al Quran..

Second, the name of the app is Living with Sunnah, the idea is building an mobile app that will help us practicing an easy sunnah throughout the day. How? this app will give us a notification or reminder about duas or sunnah we can practice in accordance with the time. For example, it is a lunch time, maybe just before this time this app will give us a reminder of sunnah that we can practice, maybe the duas before eating or the practice of Prophet Ibrahim where he always share his meal with other people. Another example, it is 10 PM and usually the time people go to sleep, so just before this time the app will pick the sunnah that we can do in this time, maybe this app will tell about sunnah to make ablutions before go to sleep, or the companion Bilal that always perform two rakaah prayer before sleep. Again, the purpose of this app is for helping many of us (including me) that dont have yet a good knowledge about Islam by pointing an easy sunnah in accordance with time.

So, what do you thing brothers and sisters?

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11-25-2014, 04:23 AM
seems like a fine idea, but it will require lot's of dedicated team work, i already am working on something similar like this, as you can see in my signature there is a android app which can convert christian calendar to islamic hijri calendar.

11-25-2014, 06:12 AM
Originally Posted by ahsankhan
seems like a fine idea, but it will require lot's of dedicated team work, i already am working on something similar like this, as you can see in my signature there is a android app which can convert christian calendar to islamic hijri calendar.
Yes indeed it requires a team but not necessary a lot. That's why the tittle say it is a Community Project, because in my view this project should be very open as possible to this community so the progress is visible to all hence anyone who wants to contribute can continue the work.

I am aware each of us has their own activities,.. whether it is work or school, thats why a project like this have to be very open to all of us so it enables anyone in here to easily contribute in their spare time. I know this project is pretty heavy if only done by one person would be possible if it done by many of us. We are not thinking of immediate result, but we hope we can consistent working on this project, maintain it together until it becomes mature before we can move into another project. Just imagine what the power of many of us can do? you know, many good open source project not done by one people by done by the work of collective people. We are talking about muslim community in here, and i am sure we are also capable doing some a good thing for our community itself.

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