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12-22-2014, 10:12 AM
We will be asked for our prayers on the day of resurrection, but we are so busy in our daily routine that we even forget our Islamic prayers. Never miss prayer is an app I am reviewing today. As clear from its name this app will generate prayer alarm depending on your location.

Features of Never Miss prayer
Prayer Alarm
This app takes the location automatically and ping you on the prayer time. There are three types of Adhan you can select from as an alarm tone. In addition three ringtones are also available if you don’t want others to hear Adhan.

Turning of Alarm

There are many triggers that can be set to turn off the alarm of each prayer. You can set the number of Taps, number of shakes and even a answer to mathematical quiz questions can also be set. This unique feature is added so that you can make the snoozing procedure difficult offer your prayers.

Ishraq Prayer

Unlike any other prayer, in this app you can also set alarm for ishraq prayer as well, or you can simple turnoff the Ishraq option if you don’t want to be notified.


From the settings you can select the prayer time calculation method and your juristic as well so that you can have your internal satisfaction.

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01-14-2015, 01:42 PM
JazakaAllahu khair

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