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02-04-2015, 11:36 AM

A king was once reading Qur'an and a Pauper happened to pass by and corrected him. The King forgot to mention the "Kasrah" when reading a letter in the Qur'an.The Kind thanks him and the Pauper moved on...

Years passed...

The Pauper was nearing the end of his life. On his death bed he told his wife and children to go to the King for provisions if needed as he taught him Qur'an one day for which the King will recompense them.

So the wife approached the King with this request and the King had no recollection of who the Pauper was or what he taught but he was a generous king so didn't refuse the request. He told his servants to give some Gold but the Wife insisted that the King should give more...

So the King got a scale and said "tell you what, I will put this paper with the "Kasrah" on one side of the Scale and I will put the Gold I am giving you on the other. I will give you the Kasrah's weight in Gold".

So the servants put Kasrah on one side, the Gold on the other but much to their surprise, the kasrah outweight the Gold!.. They put more gold on, adding more and more but still the Kasrah weight more.
So the King finally gave in and asked the Paupers Wife what she wanted and she wanted a House etc, so the King accepted this request. And that is how it ended.

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