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03-08-2015, 08:37 AM
Hello my name is Lisa, and my topic and subject might, to some, feel weird. - But let me explain:

The global financial system is rapidly taking over the world, without any group having the united power to re-direct the direction. The financial power can only be manipulated by those few who has the very biggest influences in the finance world.

but the time is running out, and we are all getting weaker due to the feminism and the total obedience to the money-making system. Perhaps you personally still feel strong in your faith and way to act., but you can't expect your grandchild to be, not in the current western clime which is rapidly infesting the whole world.

Today - we can see clear signs that the all together cultural mix, and the forced dedication to the global economy, will lead to the extinction too all ethical and cultural lifestyles. -Since there is no self sustained leaders anywhere, other than the "free going" finance; the future generations will automatically be forced to mix everything together.- and thereby completely lose their ancestors identity.

We will come to a state when everyone looks the same, talks the same, and thinks the same. In puppet-strains to those in economic finance command.

We can't let on this struggle to our future generations, since they will be weakened and the control and censor will be harsher. We are probably the last hope for every humans right to decide its own destiny.

We have to find alternative solutions and teamwork between free-thinking conservative Muslims, Islamists and Nationalists. -We can't let this continue without any resistance.

Share your feelings with others and try to find peaceful companionship to those outside your identity-sphere for the profit of every human being who value their identity, culture and independence.

good luck

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03-08-2015, 09:04 AM
Welcome to the forum.

I have similar thoughts to what you are trying to say. At least I think I do...

To share it will take just too long and there is no way it could be comprehensive and thus open itself up to be shot from every angle if I were to be brief. :)

A group of people have tried and I'm not sure of their intentions but they claim it to be islamic (ISIS).

But yes, there is a problem with the world today (I just read a thread on the microchip implants to influence people).. not so great for the future generations...

Allah has set the laws for governance, and it is my conclusion that the world powers are set against it that will do AND make laws that would go against the principles of the deen.

This is nothing new. It was done with the Taurah, the same with the Bible, and now make against the law to openly practice religious duties (like wearing hijab) etc. .

They have already killed off barter trade and introduced money and interest with it (although the Books clearly says no to it), already land us no longer sovereign to the Almighty, but instead to the rules or the government. Slowly, the rights of people as given by the Books are no longer accepted in the court of law.

It all paves the way for 'might is right'. and the might is with the wealthy...


03-09-2015, 11:09 AM
Great that you have come to this realization yourself, most people in your shoes would have chosen to blame immigrants etc. Globalisation of the world is inevitable, but self-serving agendas underlying the system must be revolted against. I'm actually writing a book that touches on this. Also check out The Four Hoursemen documentary on youtube.

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