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Ridwaan Ravat
05-16-2015, 11:40 PM
Advice of Hadhrat Moulana Dawood Seedat Saheb (D.B.)

Preparation for Ramadhan

As the month of Ramadhaan approaches the ulama encourage the masses to start preparation for the month of Ramadhaan, as we are encouraged to by making duaa to Allah Taala in the words:

Allahumma Baariklana fi Rajab wa Sha'baan wa Balighna Ramadaan
(O Allah grant us blessing in the months of Rajab and Sha'baan and let us witness the month of Ramadhaan)

How can we make these preparations.

1. Set aside time to make tilaawat of Quraan. This must be made daily, whether it is a few rukus or a quarter, in anticipation of increasing many fold by the time Ramadhaan comes.

2. If we are not making dua, then we should start now. Ramadhaan is a time of making duaa and Allah Taala readily accepts duaas. If one is not in the habit of making duaa then start by making duaa for at least five minutes, and time oneself. An easy way would be; at one minute intervals:

* Praise Allah Taala

* Read Durood Shareef

* Ask Allah Taala for forgiveness

* Ask Allah Taala for ones worldly needs

* Ask Allah Taala for our needs of aakhirat.

* End by praising Allah Taala and reading some Durood Shareef.

3. Increase our salaat. If one is reading five time salaat, then he should now check if he is reading all the sunnat -e-muakkadah, ghair muakkadah and nawaafil salaat. If he is reading salaat in a Musallah then he should make attempts to now start reading salaat in the Masjid.

This is where our preparation should start. Insha Allah this will become part of our lives and we will start reaping the benefits of this blessed and auspicious month from the first day.

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