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06-17-2015, 10:34 AM
Islamic solution to schizophrenia that helps me.
I have schizophrenia but I have found the solution that helps me. There are times when this solution is too difficult for me especially when I am being overwhelmed. When things are easier, when the voices are not too much then I go back to my regiment. It’s important because it is a form of meditation that is very peaceful. My parents and family were also very patient with me when this all started, this was also vital. The important thing for me is that I was reminded everyday of God’s oneness. This really helped me because I was hearing terrible things about God.

The solution that helps me.

1. I Pray everyday
In Islam, Muslims pray 5 times a day. When this all started all I could do was prostrate and declare God’s oneness with my index finger. But things did get better for a while. I still struggle with prayers but I still do my best which does make me feel better.

2. I write to God about my life in a dairy.
My problem is that I forget easily the blessing in my life. Hearing the voices everyday makes one really depressed. But having a diary to God really helps me. Reason being is that I replace a negative thought process with a positive one. I don’t write about negative things in my diary. I talk about comics, good jokes, heaven, art, computer graphics, good deeds that I see people doing and especially my family and friends etc.

3. I Recite God’s names
In Islam, God has many names which relate to his personality. This helps me understand God better which helps me realize that God is with me through my sickness God willing.

The following are examples are God’s names
God: Allah
God the Merciful : ar-Raheem
God the Healer : al-Qayoom
God the Compassionate : ash-Shafee
God the Granter of Peace: as-Salaam

I was really struggling in the beginning and then I found a book of God’s names. The first name I read was (al-Muqmeen) God - The preserver of faith. To this day it’s one of my favourite names of God because I do believe without His support I would have lost faith a long time ago.

Please note: I try everyday to make relevant prayers by each of God’s names. For instance God the healer (al-Qayoom), Here, I pray for my health as well as my family and friends etc It really helps me find peace. In Islam we repeat God’s names as a form of Meditation. It’s called thikr. We use rosemary beads which really helps Muslims go to a peaceful place.

4. I also Read Quran/Surah Hasr
Allah is He than whom there is no other god Who knows (all things) both secret and open; He Most Gracious Most Merciful.

Allah is He other than whom there is no other god the sovereign, the Holy One, the Source of Peace (and Perfection), The Guardian of Faith, the Preserver of Safety, the Exalted in Might, the Irresistible, the Supreme: Glory to Allah! (high is He) above the partners they attribute to Him.

He is Allah, the Creator, the Evolver, the Bestower of Forms (or colors). To Him belong the Most Beautiful Names: Whatever is in the heavens and on earth doth declare His Praises and Glory: and He is the exalted in Might the Wise.

5.I also Read Quran/Surah al-Ikhlaṣ

Say, "He is Allah, [who is] One,
Allah, the Eternal Refuge.
He neither begets nor is born,
Nor is there to none like unto Him."

6. I take Medication
I do take medication which really helps. I did find a psychiatrist and medication that suits me. I believe God provides relief that’s why I never forget to take my meds.

I hope that this information helps you and all those suffering from schizophrenia.

Peace and Blessings be upon you

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08-04-2015, 10:14 AM
Another point that is important is that one should keep trying. If you can't read all of Allah names then start with one. If you can't make salaah properly then just do your best but don't forget to extend your index finger to declare God's oneness and to make Sujood inshallah. If you can't read Quran, then scan through it with your right index finger inshallah. That's what happend to me in the beginning I could hardly make Salaah or read Quran but I still tried inshallah.

Basically, Start slow then work your way slowly up inshallah. It may take a while but you'll get there inshallah.

Inshallah I hope those that need help find this information inshallah. May Allah grant us our health inshallah.


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