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07-13-2015, 04:54 PM
Dear guys

For those who has a native or native alike English and perhaps also a good background in Islam and Christianity I have questions regarding the translation of the following terms:

The first is the term ذكر dhikr or dhikr Allah ذكر الله. How would you translate it into English? Would you translate it as "remembrance of God", "recollection of God", "the invocation of the names of God"? And why?

The second term is the term بدعة bid'ah. Would you translate it as 'heresy', 'heretical innovation'? And why?

The third term is the term تقليد taqlid. Would you translate it as "blind faith", "conformism", "servile conformism", or as "conventionality"?

Thanks in advance

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07-13-2015, 05:57 PM
I'll try.

Dhikir is taken from Quran; short verses that Glorifies Allah etc.

Why? Because Allah says He created jinn and mankind to worship Him. (or words to the effect).

We follow examples as given by our prophet Muhammad (saws) known as the sunnah, and things that are not done by the prophet is considered 'deviant'.

Why, if not culture will set in and things will change eventually forbidden things become legal.

We are told to seek knowledge, why so we may gain wisdom. Islam absolutely encourages pursuit of knowledge. So to blindly follow without question is a fools way, totally unislamic.

Hope it makes sense.


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