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07-31-2015, 06:30 PM
Please LIKE this page on Facebook

Can't link to the page for your ease, but it's called: "Muslims At Your Service - UK" on facebook.

It is a new page hoping to build a nice friendly and helpful community spirit of UK Muslims... a PLATFORM for UK Muslims to say something!

Because often we might search for Muslim groups/people and we find it hard to find people!

Please share with your family and friends. Come and let your voice be heard and let us share good things inshaAllah. Jazakumullahu khayran.

Here is the description from the Page:


As-salamu 'alaikum Friends!

This page is for the UK Muslim community to help us get to know each other. Here we:

- help each other out
- share our thoughts, ideas, (halal) jokes
- network
- build community spirit
- inspire, advise, inform
- cheer each other up
- make each other laugh
- help each other out
- help each other out and
- help each other out!

Or, basically: SHARE the LOVE! For the sake of Allah and in keeping with the beautiful Deen He has blessed and gifted us with insha'Allah.

Want to share a verse, hadith, thought, ideas, tips? Or could do with advice from fellow believers? Need to find a good plumber, job, gift shop? Lost your cat?

Please feel free to message us and we will post the message up for you insha'Allah, in hope that it will help you reach other Muslims/brothers/sisters and get your message out there.

NOTE: In your message to us, please put "quote marks" on the part of the message you would like to be copy and pasted up on our Page.

Please like and share this page with your family, friends, nears and dears so that we can all benefit insha'Allah.


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Lady A
08-01-2015, 01:47 AM
This is an awesome idea! I pray that it's a successful project, Ameen.

Positive words can change someone's life. I truly believe in helping others' in times of need :statisfie. I don't have FB, but I do abide by this on this forum, and at the very least I hope I changed someone's outlook in life, inshaAllah.

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