View Full Version : Pregnant Woman and her 2-year old Child Killed in Israeli Bombardment

sister herb
10-11-2015, 12:39 PM
Pregnant Woman and her 2-year old Child Killed in Israeli Bombardment, Four Family Members Injured

Sunday October 11, 2015 06:30

A Palestinian mother who was five months pregnant was killed along with her child, on Sunday at dawn, while at least four other family members were injured, after the Israeli Air Force bombarded the Zeitoun neighborhood in Gaza City.

The Palestinian Health Ministry in Gaza said the woman, Nour Rasmi Hassan, 30, and her two-year old child, Rahaf, were killed in the Israeli Air Strike.

The Ministry added that after locating the body of the slain woman, medics and rescue teams started searching among the rubble and located the body of her child.

The WAFA News Agency said an Israeli F-16 fighter jet fired two missiles close to the family home, southeast of Gaza City, causing damage to several homes and killing the woman.

The Air Force also struck another location west of Gaza City, causing fires and excessive damage.

The Israeli army alleges that a shell was fired from Gaza Saturday night, towards an Israeli settlement close to the Gaza Strip, causing no damage or injuries.

Israel said sirens were sounded in settlements close to Gaza, and on the Asqalan Coast, followed by the sound of explosions. The military then reported that their explosive experts started a search for the alleged shells. But no damage was reported from the alleged rocket fire.


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10-11-2015, 09:33 PM
Ina lilahi wa ina ilahi rajioon - To Allah swt we belong and to Allah swt we will return.

May Allah swt provide comfort for the family and the people of Gaza and all the Muslims who are suffering. Ameen.

May Allah swt unite the Muslims and wake us up from our sleep Ameen.

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