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10-12-2015, 03:08 PM

This infographic from Canada shows how politicians in some Western countries abuse our Niqabi sisters (and Muslims in general) as a scapegoat to distract the public from the much more serious issues that they don't want to address or solve. Alhamdulillah, Allah is exposing them as more people are becoming aware of these cheap tactics.

Be strong our sisters. It will pass insha'Allah and you will emerge as champions!

- Dr. Waleed Hakeem

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sister herb
10-12-2015, 03:48 PM
If not Muslims, then politicians usually try to turn the audience's attention to anywhere else than some current matters. But niqabi sisters are a good excuse - same happens in everywhere.

10-13-2015, 03:21 PM
Great cartoon and definitely apt in Canada. They tried to make it into an election issue if women can or can not be veiled during oath of citizenship. There was a good segment on a local Toronto TV station where they sent a guy into the streets asking people walking by what they thought of the issue, and pretty much everyone he talked to said they don't care and this is a smoke screen from more important issues, and it really is. I mean, yes, it is a bit of a non-conformist thing to do, but who really cares. I bet 90% of Canadians didn't even know t here was an oath of citizenship for immigrants who move here.

10-13-2015, 04:39 PM
Although the following statements do not justify - rather condemns - the kuffar elites attitude towards modest women, it does explain their bewildered mindset and why they seek to corrupt the masses in order to feel justified in their low and debauched mentalities.

The day Carla Bruni opened the door to me topless | Daily Mail ...

www.dailymail.co.uk › article-509825
Mobile-friendly - Jan 24, 2008 -*
'So sorry for being topless'... the five immortal words with which supermodel*Carla Bruni*greeted our*...

Wednesday November 10 2010

It seems that Carla Bruni might move up in al-Qaeda's hit-list. After yesterday's threat on her life, Iranian newspaper*Kayhan*has launched a personal attack on the ex-supermodel and France's first lady.
Kayhan*claimed that Bruni is both an adulteress and lives a*"vastly immoral lifestyle".

This came after she and her husband French President Nicolas Sarkozy pleaded with Iran not to stone to death mother-of-two Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani over claims she was unfaithful to her husband and then helped kill him.
"Sarkozy speaks up to defend a murderous and unfaithful woman in Iran while it emerges he is apparently very unhappy with his own third wife Carla Bruni, because of her infidelity and vastly immoral lifestyle.
Sarkozy, after having cheated and divorced his first two wives, then married the Italian Bruni who has surpassed him even in the area of infidelity."

read the newspaper.Salon Prive*at*3:29 AM


Newscast Media TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian state media called France’s first lady, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy, a “prostitute” on Monday due to her support for an Iranian woman who faced death by stoning on an adultery conviction.

“Deep within your jail cell, know that my husband will plead your cause tirelessly and that France will not abandon you,” she wrote


Switching to English, Bruni released the album*No Promises*in 2007. This recording did not match the success of her earlier effort. That same year, she ended her relationship with Enthoven. Then Bruni's personal life took a different turn when she met newly elected French President Nicolas Sarkozy at a dinner party. The couple enjoyed a whirlwind courtship before marrying in February 2008. Her decision to marry came a surprise to many.

Bruni once told the press that "I'm monogamous occasionally, but I prefer polygamy and polyandry." She explained that "love lasts a long time, but burning desire, two to three weeks."


Sarkozy ‘threatened to smash an editor’s face over Bruni quip’
LONDON, Apr 8:*

French President Nicolas Sarkozy lost his cool and threatened to "smash the face" of an editor during an interaction, after his news magazine suggested that First Lady Carla Bruni was a maneater, a new book has claimed.
Sarkozy’s alleged threat was....

...... The French President, now 56, allegedly called shortly after the article’s publication in January 2008, started with a few niceties before suddenly turning apoplectic."

This article is filth and I should smash your face in," he told Giesbert, to which the journalist responded:
"Are you threatening me?"
Sarkozy hit back: "You deserve it. I don’t know what’s holding me back."
"There’s no reason for you and Carla to feel insulted," replied the author.
"I’m sure you’d blow your top if I wrote that your wife was a wh0re that everyone had slept with and even wanted to have sex with your children," the President went on.
"Never did our magazine suggest Carla was a wh0re," said Giesbert.

Sarkozy insisted the magazine issue a written apology, which was denied.
"You’ll see what I’m going to do to you."

Giesbert said the French President subsequently sought to pressure Le Point’s owner, the luxury goods billionaire Fran�ois Pinault, into firing Giesbert, but to no avail.

The 62-year-old author said it was Bruni who finally defused the situation by taking the phone and saying, "Forgive him. But Nicolas is so in love, you understand. He cannot bear that people write this kind of thing about me."


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Mister Agenda
10-26-2015, 03:19 PM
Thankfully the Canadian court decided to uphold the right of Muslim women applying for Canadian citizenship to wear the niqab at their swearing in ceremony. Hopefully with the Harper administration out, Canada will do a better job of living up to its reputation as a country that supports religious freedom.

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