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10-14-2015, 11:10 AM
A question was once put forward to a scholar,

"What has brought the Muslims down to this shameful level of utter debasement and has caused such an amassing of enemies against them?"

The sheikh replied, "It happened when we took to preferring 8 over 3..."

"And what are these 8 and what are these 3?" they questioned back.

He replied, "Read them! Here (they are) in the Statement of Allah, the Most High."

"Say, if indeed,

1. Your fathers
2. and your sons
3. and your brothers
4. and your wives
5. and your relatives
6. and the wealth you have acquired
7. and the commerce in which you fear a loss
8. and the dwellings in which you take delight

are more beloved to you than...

1. Allah
2. His Messenger
3. Jihad in His Cause,

Then wait until Allah executes His Command. Indeed Allah does not guide a defiantly disobedient people."

"Just look to the stillness of the streets at the time of Fajr prayer," He said,

"and the traffic and congestion present during times of work and trade. This alone demonstrates our love of this world and forgetfulness of the Hereafter!"
What a reality this is.

O Allah, do not let the life of this world be our principle concern, nor the ultimate limit of our knowledge!

- Ustadh Bilal Ismail

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10-14-2015, 01:34 PM
I'm sorry but I don't agree.. As always :/

Allah swt does not say do not work.

Or do not have families.

Or not to love your parents.

Or wife... S

Or not to love your children.

I feel the middle ground is something that is very hard to find.

In all things its not what you have that matters, its how they are used.

That's is why we should fear the day of judgement.

And read for ourselves what our obligations are.. And how to act right.

I turned away from the world for a long time.. And its even harder to find a position of strength when you finally have to turn back around.

...or not.

But like all things, its not about your strength that matters but what you do with it.:exhausted

May Allah swt help us to help ourselves.

And lay firm foundations for tomorrow.

Nobody stays here forever and yet you would remember those that established empires.

..not of brick and stone.

The giving hand is better than the taking hand.

10-14-2015, 06:10 PM
Jihad in His cause includes breathing, thinking, reading writing, speaking, shouting, staying silent, eating, feeding, loving, sitting, standing, lying down, patiently waiting, working, fighting and everything else that is lawful if done for the sake of Allah, in obedience to Allah, doing what He requires at the correct time and place.

14.*"Verily, I am Allah. There is no god but I: So serve thou Me (only), and establish regular prayer for celebrating My praise.
15.*"Verily the Hour is coming - My design is to keep it hidden - for every soul to receive its reward by the measure of its Endeavour.
16.*"Therefore let not such as believe not therein but follow their own lusts, divert thee therefrom, lest thou perish!"

From Quran Chapter 20 TA-HA

10-15-2015, 11:31 AM
So true !

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