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View Full Version : your view on nation of islam?

11-05-2015, 02:21 AM

i heard they are wrong?? who "elijah muhammed"?

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11-05-2015, 05:07 AM
Asalaam O Alaikum,

Our beloved Messenger of Allah (saw) said on the day of Arafah, the Khutbatul Wida (The Farwell Sermon) he gave before his departure from this world. He (saw) said that the white does not have superiority over the black and the black does not have superiority over the white. Both are equal in the sight of Allah (swt) and both were created from earth/clay, both descended from the same father of all mankind Adam (a.s). Then He (saw) reminded them of the following Verse...

.... Lo! the noblest of you, in the sight of Allah, is the best in conduct. Lo! Allah is Knower, Aware. (Surah Al Hujurat 49:12)

What Elijah Muhammad preached I believe his successors are preaching is that the white man is the "devil". Ma'azAllah (We seek refuge in Allah) from such a concept.

It has taken a shape of a sect in Islam and the Messenger of Allah (saw) clearly said that ..." all 73 sects amongst the Muslims will be in hell fire except for the one and that saved one will be following the path of me and my sahabas."

The Nation of Islam does not promote and welcome brotherhood of Islam amongst non blacks especially white. And therefore they are detrimental for Muslims.

Thats what I know of them.

11-05-2015, 06:16 PM
Here’s what I know of them. It’s directly from them. I didn’t make this up.

“IN 1931, THE MASTER WAS preaching this Great Truth of salvation when He met a man named Elijah Poole (Muhammad) in Detroit, Michigan. He chose him to be His Divine Representative in continuing this most difficult task of bringing truth and light to His lost and found people. For 3 1/2 years He taught and trained the Honorable Elijah Muhammad night and day into the profound Secret Wisdom of the Reality of God, which included the hidden knowledge of the original people who were the first founders of civilization of our Planet and who had a full knowledge of the Universal Order of Things from the beginning of the Divine Creation.”

Source: http://www.noi.org/noi-history/

They go on to explain who THE MASTER is: (under the heading "What The Muslims Believe")

“12. WE BELIEVE that Allah (God) appeared in the Person of Master W. Fard Muhammad, July, 1930; the long-awaited “Messiah” of the Christians and the “Mahdi” of the Muslims.”

Source: http://www.noi.org/muslim-program/

Since god appointed Elijah Muhammad as his divine representative, in essence Elijah Muhammad is a prophet of god according to the Nation of Islam.

You can see what they both looked like by visiting the following link:


11-06-2015, 02:23 AM
Here’s some more information that may be of interest.

Minister Louis Farrakhan is the current leader of the Nation of Islam.

In the video below, he talks about an important article of belief – “The Wheel”. He states, “…Allah (God)—the ‘Son of Man’—shows up in a ‘Wheel’; and He comes down from The Wheel, and He finds Elijah.”

Source: http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publ...e_101093.shtml

This Wheel is a UFO (a.k.a. unidentified flying object) and “…The Manifestation of The Presence of God!”

Minister Farrakhan says that “The Wheel” can be found in Area 51, a controversial government installation located in the United States.


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