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abo mussaab
11-05-2015, 01:26 PM
“May Allaah make them so they cannot speak (with their words of corruption); they are doing much oppression (with their tongues).”

Shaykh Waseeullah Abbas said:

“There is a group in the world (who claim Salafiyyah)…they take their knowledge from [the] internet, whatsapp, and they restrict to this and gather sayings from around the world, and they think they became scholars (or strong students of knowledge), and they lead the laypeople on their own (by passing their own rulings upon others who claim to be salafi but have no connection to their organisation) and misguide them [the laymen]…they have no knowledge of the religion and attack the scholars, they spread sayings (against some scholars and students of knowledge)…this is spreading, they are blindfollowers of a person in the UK whose level of knowledge is only a teacher of science, and he learned from here and there…the difficulty is that there are some scholars and students of knowledge, who nobody cares about (i.e. nobody asks them), and he calls them and does lectures with them and increases his value through them. I am telling you this reality with experience…
I say to these youth: you are going (to be) misguided; if you want good in this world and in the hereafter, hold your tongues and follow the way of learning, knowledge that Allaah instructed us with. Learn knowledge first, learn tawheed, sunnah, aqeedah and teach them to people, and know who is upon the correct aqeedah – saying someone is weak in aqeedah…
They should be ashamed of themselves, I am saying this openly, as…I am very angry this time, alhamdulillallaah after studying I became a scholar, but I want to speak in manner that they feel ashamed. If they are not ashamed, we will invoke Allaah against them, that Allaah protect the ummah from such people and Allaah takes them (away) so the people can have rest. The Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam) said when someone dies, he is either a mustarih or a mustarah minhu. Mustarih means he lived in the world working and earning halaal money, so he will rest in his grave and Allaah will give him rest. (On the other hand a) musatarah minhu is the one who disturbs people, they keep on biting people with their tongues (i.e. harming people with their speech - refuting people unjustly, making incorrect tabdees of people etc), when they die, the people have rest (and relief) form them. We will make du’aa that Allaah gives ummah rest from such people (the musatarahs).
With certitude (and full of confidence I can say), if one of them is asked a topic (of fiqh) in the religion or Arabic language, they will not be able to answer. But they consider themselves as big scholars (or big/well grounded students of knowledge) and they spread poison in the four corners (of the earth, north, east, south and west) like snakes; may Allaah guide them or give rest (and relief) to the ummah from them.
There are also some people who have no backgrounds – some of them might be children of fathers who were innovators, I am not going to name them but I have in my mind some of them… They want people (the laymen) to be removed from the scholars of truth, like the (how the) hypocrites (in the time of the Prophet Mohammad) would have faith in morning and disbelieve by night (only) to remove people far away from Islaam at the time of our beloved Prophet (sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam).
Finally, I want to say that Allaah has obligated (upon us) to learn knowledge and forbade (us) to speak without knowledge, so do not say halaal and haram without knowledge, else it would be a great lie upon Allaah…especially doing backbiting of an individual by saying such things which have no reality and which remove people far away from him. This (behaviour) is even not accepted in the (kuffar) laws of this worldly life, so what about it being accepted in the Islaamic legal legislation (the sharee’ah) and removing people (the layman) far away from those who spend all their lives learning (Islaamic) knowledge – this sin will fall upon them (these backbiters who backbite the scholars/students of knowledge upon the truth with such words that are not correct about them)…
These kids who…spread that one should not take knowledge from them (this scholar or that student of knowledge upon the sunnah), if we were in an Islaamic state, they would deserve punishment and until they repent, they would not be taken out from jail. But (fortunately) in such a country (England, India, USA etc) where there is freedom, we cannot do anything but advise them and invoke against them that Allaah gives us rest (and relief) from them.
May Allaah make them so they cannot speak (with their words of corruption); they are doing much oppression (with their tongues).
I have seen such (people who do harm with their tongues, while) staying four to five months in France. Some simple kids who probably do not known the meaning of Soorah al-Faatihah – they say we should not take knowledge from so and so (who is upon the sunnah) and they kept on repeating such statements.”
Reference: A translation of a YouTube clip of Shaykh Waseeullah Abbas talking in Urdu on 27th of Safar 1436H / 21st of December 2014 in a half day educational conference in India, Bangalore (the original translation was slightly edited and adapted for easier reading/understanding and what is between the brackets was put their by ahlusunnahwaljamaah.com for extra elaboration).

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