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11-05-2015, 04:36 PM
'We dont belong in this Dunya, we need to accept that #Imam Anwar al Awlaki (r)

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sister herb
11-05-2015, 05:32 PM
Abu Hurairah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said: “The world is the believer’s prison and the infidel’s Jannah”. (Muslim)

11-05-2015, 08:57 PM
Time will tell, if it were so simple you would never have been asked to get married or have children.

Allah swt says mankind is created in toil.

...the world is not a prison until you realise who makes you struggle..

When you are not chasing the world.

It's not really as simple as that but each to his own.

11-05-2015, 11:41 PM
The dunya is a test as are children and wealth, 'we do belong' here qadarallaah but we should'nt long for it instead we should be like travelers. (May Allah give us success in this world and hereafter)

On the authority of Abdullah ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with them both), he relates that the Prophet (Peace be upon him) once held my shoulders and said:
“Live in this world as (if you are) a wayfarer or a stranger.” And Abdullah ibn Umar (May Allah be pleased with them both) used to say: “If you live till night, then do not wait for the next day (i.e. do not have hopes that you will live to the next day), and if you wake up in the morning do not have hope that you will live till the night. And take (advantage) from your health before your sickness and take advantage of your life before your death (i.e. do every possible obedience in your life before death comes to you for then no deeds can be performed.)”
[Bukhari and Tirmidhi]

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11-06-2015, 03:49 AM
Al Akhirah, The Afterlife is narrated by Imam Anwar al-Awlaki Rahimahullah. This series of lectures will in sha Allaah cover all the stages that a human being will journey through at the time of death, Some of the topics covered in this series will include death, the events of the grave, the day of judgment, paradise and hell, the signs of the day of judgment and the major signs of the day of judgment.

All praises are for Allah and His Blessings be upon His beloved Messenger salawatullahi’wasalamualay

We, the human race, living on this earth are under the perception that… we belong here and this is our residence and home, we don’t…know or we don’t want to know the fact that we are on a train and the train is going through stations to another final destination and that this world is only one of these stops…in one of the stations. But we do not belong here we have a ticket that has three slips…we live in the womb for nine months and then when we come out one slip is torn out from the ticket and then we live in dunya for a while in this station and when we are dying the second slip from the ticket is torn out. And then we have one slip left that will be torn out either in hellfire or in Jannah. And that is the final destination.

We do not belong here, we are travelling. And that’s why Rasullullaah (s.a.w) said: Be in the world as if you are a traveller. And he said: the example or the analogy of me in this dunya is like somebody who was travelling in the desert and then saw a tree so he took some shade under this tree and took some rest and continued his journey. That is dunya. We spent a few moments under this tree and we keep on moving. Can you stop time? Time is revolving and eroding of our existence. Time, the movement of time is an erosion of our existence in this dunya. It is ripping away and tearing apart from our own existence with every second that passes by, it is taking part of us. We do not belong here. And we need to believe in the fact that we do not belong here and we need to prepare for death. That is the topic we are starting with the will of Allaah subhanahu’wata’ala. AL Akhirah: The journey towards the hereafter. AL Akhirah!

Why do we talk about al Akhirah? We have to have intention we have to have objectives for everything we do. So what are the objectives of talking about Akhirah? Number #1: It is a part of our imaan. It is a pillar of faith. Part of our imaan is to believe in the hereafter. Second reason: Why do we have all of these problems around us? Why do we have a Muslim who drinks, and a Muslim who commits zina and a Muslim who deals with ribah, and a Muslim who lies, why? What are we missing?

Listen carefully, very carefully to this statement of Sayyida Ayesha Radhi’Allaahu anha. Sayyida Ayesha Subhan Allah in this short sentence is giving us a programme of individual and social change. In one sentence! If we would apply, we would see immense and huge change in our lives. Sayyida Ayesha says: “ law anna awwala ma nazala minal Qur’an latashrabu khamr la qalu la wallahi la naturukul khamra abadah walao anna awwala ma nazala minal Qur’an ila taznu la qalu la wallahi la natrukuz zinah abadah walakin kana awwal ma nazala minal Qur’an suar al mufassal fiha dhikrul jannati hual nar hatta idha thabatal qulubu ila Rabbiha nazalal halaalu wal haram.” Sayyida Ayesha says: “ If the first thing revealed in Qur’an was never drink the people would have said we are never gonna stop drinking and if the first thing that was revealed in the Qur’an was do not commit fornication and adultery the people would have said we are never gonna stop committing fornication and adultery but the first thing revealed in the Qur’an was the suar of al mufassal which talk about and mention hellfire and paradise until the hearts were attached to Allaah subhanahuwa’tala then the orders of halaal and haram came down.” If you notice in the period of Makkah there wasn’t too much law given, most of the laws of Islam is Shara’a were revealed in Madinah but in Makkah it was a preparation to receive the law, it was preparation to fill the tank with imaan and that is by mentioning jannah and naar…. mentioning al akhirah talking about al ghayb, the unseen until the hearts were attached to Allaah until all of these veils of darkness are lifted from in front of our eyes then the orders of Allaah subhanahu’waatala came down, halaal and haram. Know, we are not suffering from a problem of ignorance only that’s not the only problem, even though it is a problem. But it’s not the only problem. Because everyone knows that khamr is haram, everyone knows that alcohol is haram, why do people drink it? Everyone knows that interest/Riba is haram, why do people deal with interest? Everyone knows the importance of Salatul Jamaa’ah and fasting and salaah, how come some people don’t do it? Everyone knows the importance of fulfilling the pillar of hajj, anybody…the children know the five pillars of Islam and know that one of them is al hajj. How come people are not doing haj? It’s not only a problem of ignorance; a major problem is insufficient imaan. The heart is rough like a rock, the hearts are not soft. And what will soften these tough and harsh and rough hearts? It’s al akhirah, talking about al ghayb the unseen. Because Rasulullaah (s.a.w) says, “If you know what I know you will cry a lot and laugh a little.” If we know the reality of al Akhirah, like one of the…It’s mentioned about Ali bin Abi Taleeb that he said “It wouldn’t make a difference if I see jannah in front of me I wouldn’t love it more and even if I see hellfire in front of me I wouldn’t fear it more.” Ali bin Abi Taleeb what he is saying is that he has absorbed the meaning of jannah and nar so much that even if he sees it, it wouldn’t make a difference. He is living in this world as if he is seeing jannah in front of him and hellfire in front of him. That is the imaan when you reach to that level. Let’s go back to this issue of social change and individual change. In the US, give you an example, in 1930, the US congress decided that they should ban alcohol. Subhan Allah, it is the fitrah of the insaan whether you are Muslim or non-Muslim to know that this is harmful. Everybody knows that alcohol is not good. So, the US congress here in the United States, they decided that they are gonna ban the consumption of alcohol, the prohibition. And they passed a law and they tried to enforce the law using law enforcement. During that process about half a million people were thrown in jail, millions and millions of dollars were spent to enforce the law , thousands of people were killed in enforcing the law and the consumption of alcohol did not change. People were bootlegging in their houses and manufacturing alcohol in their own houses and because the process of making alcohol/khamr is so unhygienic and dirty diseases were spreading. And after four years of misery the US decided we cannot go ahead with this and we have to stop it. After four years, they lifted the ban and told the people do whatever you want. It didn’t work. This is the mighty United States, it could not enforce a law banning alcohol. it couldn’t. The most powerful nation on earth couldn’t do it. Let’s go 1400 years old earlier, jibreel as came to Muhammad (s.a.w) revealing the ayah saying that alcohol, khamr are all are the things are acts of evil, and stay away from it. The ayah of Qur’an came down to Muhammad (s.a.w) banning the consumption of alcohol , Rasulullaah (s.a.w) without any police or army or national guard conveyed the ayah to the sahabah who were with him and the sahabah went out carrying the news in the streets of Madinah announcing that alcohol/khamr is now illegal. Anas ibn Malik says: I was serving some of the sahabah alcohol and we heard the announcement in the street that alcohol is haram. He said,: I threw the jug from my hand and some of the sahabah had the cup in their hand they threw it and some of them already had alcohol in their mouths they spit it out and some of them actually went as far as inducing vomit, to vomit whatever is in their stomachs. And it is said, it was described that the streets of Madinah were flowing with khamr/alcohol. Immediate obedience, immediate! Without any police, without US congress, without national guard, without national guard, without law enforcement, without spending millions of dollars, without throwing any single person in jail the law was immediately followed. Why? How come it worked in Madinah and it didn’t work in the United States? Difference of Imaan, Taqwa. Because the Sahabah radhi’Allahuanhum were prepared for that, they were prepared to receive the orders of halaal and haram. We need to prepare ourselves to receive those orders by talking about al Akhirah. So this slip in our ticket that we will discuss, the outline of the elements in it. We will start with al Qiyamah al Sughra or the minor day of judgment which includes number 1 death, number 2 the grave, number 3 we will talk about the soul, number 4 we’ll talk about ash sharatus sa’a the signs of the day of judgment which are minor and major. And then the next section is Qiyamah al kubra the day of judgment. Which includes number 1 al ba’as an Nushr, the resurrection. Number 2 ahwal ul qiyamah, the horrors of the day of judgment. Number 3, al hisaabh wal jaza, accountability and recompesing. And finally, our final destination which is al jannah aw an naar, hellfire or paradise. So this is the outline of our trip towards al akhirah, this journey that every one of us is taking all of us are going to that direction. So we start seeking assistance from Allaah subhanahu’watala ista’inu billahi azza wajjal.

AL Qiyamah al Sughra or the minor day of judgment/death

Al Qiyamah al Sughra, the minor day of judgment. What is it and where does it start? Al Mawt or death. That is the minor day of judgment. AL Bukhari narrates some of the Beduins will come to Rasulullaah (s.a.w) about the hour, as sa’a. As sa’a is the hour, the day of judgment. So they would come and ask Rasulullaah (s.a.w) ‘ when is the hour?’. So Rasulullaah would point and look at the youngest among them and he would say if he would leave then by the time he reaches to old age your day of judgment would have already started. By the time, he grows old if Allaah will give him a long life. By the time he grows old the day of judgment of all you will have already started. Because, death is the beginning of the day of judgment. It’s called the minor day of judgment, because when a person is dead that’s it he is counted on the other side so that is called the minor day of judgment. Death, there is no way or around it every one will die. Al Mawt haqmul ladheem…everyone will die. Allaah (s.w.t) says : “ Everything will perish save His face, His is decision and to Him you shall be returned.” Everyone will perish except Allah subhanahu’watala. “ Kullu man alahyha fan wa iyabqa wajhu rabbika dhul jalaali wal iqram: Everyone on it will die and only the face of Allaah will remain.” And Allaah (s.w.t) says: “Every soul shall taste death.” You will taste it no matter what. If anyone would have escaped death that would have been Rasulullaah (s.a.w) . But he also passed way as Allaah said to Rasulullaah that ‘you will die and they will die.’ Once Umm Habiba(r.a) the wife of Messenger of Allah(s.a.w) made the following dua: ' Ya Allah, give me pleasure by giving a long life to my husband Rasulullah(s.a.w), and to my father Abu Sufyan(r.a), and to my brother Muawiyya(r.a). Rasulullaah said to her: ‘ You are supplicating towards Allaah in regards to fix terms and counted days and ordained provisions that are already divided. Again Rasulullaah (s.a.w) told her, ‘You are supplicating to Allaah about terms, lives that are already fixed and days that are already counted and provisions that are already ordained and divided. If you would have asked Allaah to save you from hellfire and to save you from the punishment of the grave that would have been better for you. You are asking Allaah to give me, and your father and your brother longer life that is already determined, will not change. It will not change and it comes unannounced. And it will happen wherever Allaah (s.w.t) decided. I will give you actual stories and this story it is mentioned that it happened in Riyad. It is said that there was a construction worker working on the seventh floor, this construction worker fell down there were no safety measures he landed right on the pavement. From the seventh floor he fell down on solid concrete, the passer by-s thought that he is dead so they jumped to see what happened to this man. To their amazement, he stood up. This man fell from the seventh floor…and he landed on the pavement….on the concrete, on the sidewalk actually. He landed on the sidewalk. And he jumped up………………happy that Allaah (s.w.t) didn’t take away his life. Everybody around him was amazed. He was so surprised and happy that he lived. He said I’m gonna invite you for some drinks , so he crossed the road to go to the grocery and buy some drinks. He was crossing to the other side of the street and he was disoriented, a car rolled over him and killed him!!!!

He landed from the seventh floor on the pavement and did not die. Why because Allaah (s.a.w) did not want him to die there. Allaah has appointed for him this specific spot and specific moment of the day, the exact second in which his soul will be taken and the only reason he fell down from that building is that Allaah wants to bring him to the place of death. So He brought him down from the building to go and meet his death. Now this man when he fell down, when he stood up he thought that he was given a long life. He didn’t have on his mind it was the last thought that he would die after a few moments. He………because the way he would see it is…..If I was saved from this death I must have a long life ahead of me. He didn’t know that the angel of death is waiting for him in the middle of the road, he had an appointment with the angel of death so Allaah brought him down from the building to go to his appointment. Another example is in the earthquake that happened in Egypt few years ago, and this is something that was reported in the mass media, we all must have heard about it. About this man…who survived……for a very long period of time…………………..they thought that nobody could be saved from the rubble and to their amazement they found that there was a man living even though all of the…..means of dying existed but he didn’t die, it wasn’t time for him to die yet. In fact he had to women relatives with him, his mother and his sister or his mother and his wife they both died because it’s unbearable situation. So the two other people who were with him died but he did not because it wasn’t time for him to die. Death comes unannounced, suddenly. We think that we have time to prepare for it but sometimes it comes so suddenly that you wouldn’t imagine how fast it could happen. And the example of that is the two airlines that crashed over India, one of them was Saudi Airlines and the other one I think was, I think it was Ukrainian. This was a head on collision! Imagine, two airplanes travelling……speeds over 800 miles per hour. A head on collision means that they hit each other with a total speed, the combined speed of about 1600 miles per hour. And look on the freeway when you have an accident….60 miles per hour, how fast a person can die? These two airplanes hit, collided head on with a combined speed of about 1600 miles per hour, this death is in a split second. I mean, there could be someone in that plane who is lifting up a bite of food but he died before he could put it in his mouth, he was eating to live! There could have been two people, two passengers speaking with each other and one of them before he even completes a word, before even the word comes out of his mouth, his dead! And we need to talk about death a lot because Rasulullaah (s.a.w) says ‘frequently remember the destroyer of pleasures’ the destroyer of pleasures, Rasulullaah (s.a.w) described death as the destroyer of pleasures. Death! When you think about death and you think about the reality of death, al haqiqa….. al mawtu haq Rasulullaah (s.a.w) says al mawtu haq ‘death is true’ reality. Al Hasan al Basri says: ‘ I have never seen anything that is certain with no doubt in it but people deal with it as it is doubt with no certainty like death.’ We are all certain about death, Muslim or non-Muslim. Did you ever see somebody who doesn’t believe in death? But the way we are dealing with according to al Hasan al Basri it is as it is something doubtful. Look at the way we are preparing for rizq/provision which is doubtful, we never know how much rizq we are gonna make tomorrow nevertheless we do a lot for and we plan a lot for it but death which is absolute certainty, every one of us knows that he is gonna die. How much are we preparing for it? It’s amazing! People are not doing anything for the preparation of death and when they do prepare for death you find death they are preparing for the aspects of death that are in this side of equation in dunya not on the other side. SO they prepare for the funeral, they prepare for the cemetery they prepare for the worldly arrangements but no preparation is done for what will happen on the other side of death. They go through elaborate preparations for the ceremony and the memorial and the….. everything relating to the cemetery the funeral and the invitation cards and the flowers. What about what will happen on the other side? Subhan Allaah amazing!!!

Isaac Pasmov on an interview with him, a few months before he died. He was asked the question, what do you think will happen to you after you die? This is one of the most prominent science fiction writers the world has ever seen. He said nothing, nothing!!!!!:o ‘Nothing will happen to me after I die, I will turn into dust.’ His knowledge and the books that he wrote and all of that intelligence and all of that fame and wealth doesn’t make him any different from the most ignorant and illiterate non-believer in Makkah 1400 years ago, Munkareen of al bath; the ones who rejected resurrection. His knowledge did him nothing, didn’t move him one notch up in intelligence. Because no matter how intelligent we think such a person is the intelligence level is zero because Allaah says about the non-believers on the day of judgment when see the reality ‘ they say: If we had any understanding if we have intelligence we wouldn’t have been in hellfire.’ If our minds brought us here then we are ignorant, we know nothing we have no intelligence and no mind whatsoever if our minds are gonna end up with us in hellfire. What mind is that? Allaah told us why He has given us the mind. Allah says ‘ we have given you the sight and the ears and the minds why? So that you may be grateful.’ To worship Allaah subhanahu’watala. That is why we are given these tools we are given the eyes and the ears to collect the information and then we are given the mind to process it. We have sources of input and then we have the processor of that information that we receive. The sight and the ears are the most important sources for gathering information and the mind processes it for us and we would use these three together it would lead us to imaan. Because Allaah says that he has given us these tools to reach to the level of imaan, shukr or gratefulness. Back again to what Rasulullaah (s.a.w) was saying, the destroyer of pleasures. When we talk about death and we realize the reality of death this will take away the veils of ghafla…….. Unawareness…..these veils will be lifted up and we will see the truth and we would lose any appetite for any pleasure that the world has to offer. This attachment that we have to dunya is because we are veiled we cannot see the truth and that is why we need to talk about death and to talk about akhirah a lot to keep on this awareness in our mind. There is a period before that is named al ihtedar. Al Ihtidar is like preparation for death, al ihtidar. In this stage, the angels descend. Allaah says: ‘ Until when death approaches one of you, our messengers take his soul and they never neglect their duty. Who are the messengers? The angels. In this stage, angels descend and the person who is going through al ihtidar is able to see them. Rasulullaah sallalahu’alahysallaam said in the hadith, “If the believing servant is leaving this world and moving into al akhirah, [so he is in that stage in between there is an area in between stage in which you are going through that interphase to change from dunya to akhirah] when a person is in that stage Rasulullaah (s.a.w) angels will descend from the heavens with white bright faces like the son, they have with them a coffin from paradise and scents from paradise so he can seem them and then the angel of death will descend then he will sit next to his place or his head he will sit to his side. He says, ‘Oh you pure soul! Come out, to the forgiveness of Allaah and His pleasure.’ The angel of death softly will call the soul to come out and will promise the soul that you are going to the forgiveness of Allaah subhanahuwatala and His pleasure. So Rasulullah (s.a.w) says :”This soul will come out so easily it’s like a drop of water falling from a jug, smooth. The soul will come out so smoothly it’s like a drop of water rolling down.’ For the evil dower, and the non-believer if he is leaving dunya and approaching akhirah then dark angels will come down and they are carrying with them coffins that are made from harsh material, it could be from hellfire. And then the angel of death will come down and sit next to him and say, ‘Oh you evil soul! Come out, to the anger of Allaah subnahuwa’tala and His Wrath.’ It is telling this soul you are coming out and you have to come out right now but you are going to the anger of Allaah subhanahuwa’talaa and the Wrath of Allaah is waiting for you. SO Rasulullaah (s.a.w) says, ‘ when the angel of death will make that announcement this soul will disperse in the body, the soul is running around in the body doesn’t wanna leave. It disperses in his body, Rasulullaah says, ‘ then the angel of death will grab this soul and pull it out like a branch with many thorns and branches pulled out of a ball of wet wool .’ Imagine, you have a branch of thorns and wrapped around it is wet wool and you are trying to pull that branch out of the wool, what will happen? It will tear the wool apart. So Rasulullah (s.a.w.) said, ‘ This soul when it’s being pulled out it would be tearing the muscles and the nerves of this person, it would be tearing it out because this soul doesn’t wanna leave. Suffering and pain! This happens to the evil soul. During that stage, even for the believers there could be some anxiety. SO Allaah Subhanahu’watalaa provides comfort to that soul, Allaah will give them the glad news. Allaah says, “Verily, those who say ‘our Lord is Allaah’ and then they stay firm on them the angels will descend saying fear not nor grief but receive the glad tidings of paradise which you have been promised!.” This soul of the believer when it’s in the stage of ihtidar, the angels will come down and say we…. Are delivering to you the good news of the promise of Allaah to you and that is jannah. To comfort that soul. This is who? Allah says, the ones who said that our Lord is Allaah and then what? Thummastaqamu. And then they stayed firm, so they didn’t say our Lord is Allaah and then they went right and left and they went in a crooked path, one day in the masjid six days outside, one day in the night club and the next day iti’kaf, one day fasting and the next day drinking alcohol. They stayed firm, they stayed firm on the straight path. These are the ones Allaah subhanahuwa’talaah says the angels will come and give them and deliver to them these glad tidings. And for the evil dower Allaah says, “ and If you could see when the angels take away the soul of those who disbelieve, they smack their faces [AAA: they hit them] and their back saying taste the punishment of the blazing fire this is because of that which your hands have forwarded, and verily Allaah is not unjust to His slaves.” The angels are hitting them beating them and telling them you are gonna receive hellfire as a compensation of what you did and then Allaah is telling them Allaah subhanahu’watalaa is not committing injustice to you, this is because of what you reaped with your own hands it is your own actions that caused you this. Ata’ bin Raba’a says, there are three benefits of remembering death. Number# Ta’jilut Tawbah, Number#2 Al Ridaa bil Qalil and Number#3 La yushahih ahlul dunya fi dunya. These are three benefits of remembering death. Number#1 Ta’jilut Tawbah: You would hasten the repentance, if you are always thinking about death you will be thinking about akhirah and you would prepare for it and you would repent to Allaah subhanahu’watalaa. Number#2 Al Ridah bil Qalil: Content with the minimum, whatever Allaah subhanahuwa’talaa gives you , you will be happy with it you will be satisfied and pleased. Because you know that this is a temporary residence, this is not where you belong therefore you wouldn’t give it that much of concern and attention. So whatever Allaah gives you ‘alhamdulillaah’. And the third benefit of talking about and remembering death, you will not fight and compete with the people of this world over this world. And that would cause you to have tranquility in your heart. Because…..what makes people anxious and obnoxious is competing over material things because this world is small and our desires are large, nothing can satisfy this desire of the human being. Rasulullaah (s.a.w) says, ‘If the son of Adam had a valley of gold he would request another one and nothing would please the son of Adam, nothing would shut him up except dirt. Nothing would satisfy this greed except the dirt. When you go back to the dirt that would close and terminate all of your desires. So the person is always thinking about death will not fight over world, he would realize this is temporary and it’s not worth fighting. And if you look at the wars, not only the fight between individuals but even wars between nation and states most of the time it’s over wealth over dunya, what are they fighting for? Over oil, over land, over natural resources, that is why wars happen? Therefore, the only justified war…….the only justified war is jihaad. Because that is the only fighting that is happening for the sake of Allaah subhanahu’watalaa everything else is happening for the sake of dunya. They attack jihaad in Islam as if their wars are justified, what are they fighting for? Sometimes, they would cover they would mask it with the goal of human rights, ‘we are fighting for human rights.’ That is something I wouldn’t buy, I wouldn’t believe that there is any war that is happening for the sake of human rights. These wars are not for human rights, these are for the rights of a selected few; these are the rights…..not rights but these are the privileges of a selected few who are benefiting from the status quo. It’s not for the rights of the common me and you that’s not why wars are happening and you could apply this to every war that happened. We are not in the context of talking about the reason for the war in Kosovo, or the war in Chechnya or the war in Kuwait. That’s not the context for talking about it but if you would analyze it you would find that these wars are happening they are masked under pretext of human rights but there is a underline motive.

Human beings, if they would think about death then they would be pleased with what Allaah(s.w.t.)has given them and they would not compete over this world. Sakaratul Mawt, the stupor of death. What is the meaning of sakarataul mawt? Sakra is the dizziness and unconsciousness that is caused by pain that is sakra. So a person who is in the state of sakra is going through unconsciousness stages of unconsciousness and dizziness that is caused by pain and this happens during death. It is called sakaratul mawt, it is state of unconsciousness that happens to human being due to pain. Allaah says, “And the stupor of death will come in truth, this is what you have been avoiding.” It will come, death is true. And it will arrive even though you try to avoid it, it will happen. And it will happen to everyone, it happened to Rasulullaah Sallalahu’alahyssallam. Rasulullaah (s.a.w) had a pot filled with water and he would put his hand in that water he would dip his hand in the water and then we would wipe his face and we would say, ‘La ilahaa illalah, innalil mawti la sakarat/ La ilaha illallah, verily there is agony of death there is stupor of death.’ Even Rasulullah (s.a.w) was feeling it and he had to put his hand in this water to wipe his face to cool himself. If Rasulullaah (s.a.w) was feeling that pain what would me and you feel? What would the non-believer feel? Allaah says, “ And if you could but see when the wrongdoers are in the agonies of death while the angels are stretching forth their hands saying ‘deliver your souls this day you shall be recompensed with the torment of degradation because of what you used to utter against Allaah other than the truth and you used to reject His ayat with disrespect, taste…..taste the pain of death.” Although everyone goes through this pain but there is levels, the non-believer goes through the most. But then there is a certain category of people who feel almost no pain. And who are they? Ash Shuhada. Rasulullaah(s.a.w), ‘ The shaheed feels the pain of death like one of you would feel a sting of an insect.’ That’s it, Allaah(s.w.t.) has honoured the shaheed with many honourings so why would anybody try to run away from this honor.? When man leaves this world he desires to come back, he is a kafir he wants to come back to become a Muslim if he is a asee a sinner he wants to come back to repent, at Tawbah. Allaah says, “ ….. Until when death comes to one of them he says ‘My Lord, send me back so that I may do good deeds in that which I have left behind.’ No! it is but a word that he speaks and behind them is a barzakh a barrier until the day when they will be resurrected.” They were given a chance in this world and they didn’t take advantage of that chance now when it’s too late rabbir jiun oh Allaah bring me back. Why? So that I will be righteous, I would do good I would repent I would become a Muslim. Allaah (s.w.t.) says, ‘kalla’ ‘no’ then Allaah says about the barzakh there is a barrier between them and going back, al barazakh is a barrier that’s it, it’s too late. So we are going through this road and suddenly a wall will be erected behind us and there is no way back, it’s too late. Allaah (s.w.t) is giving you the chance now the door of opportunity is open and when it’s too late Tawbah will not be accepted. Because Allaah (s.w..t) says, “ Allaah accepts only the repentance of those who do evil in ignorance and foolishness and repent soon afterwards, it is they whom Allaah will forgive and Allaah is ever all Knower, all Wise.” Allaah says ‘yatuba min karin’ or close. Ibn Kathir gives the explanation of this word close, when is it soon enough to make tawbah? Ibn Kathir says, you have the opportunity of repenting and making tawbah until the moment of al ghargharah. That is the limit, al gharghara is the limit. Al gharghara is when the soul is preparing to leave the body. Up until that moment tawbah is accepted and this is Karin. But Allaah says, “ And of no effect is the repentance of those who continue to do evil deeds until death faces one of them he says ‘now I will repent’ nor those who while they die are disbelievers for them we have prepared a painful torment.” When it’s time for death no tawbah is accepted and that is what fir’awun did. He said, ‘Now I believe there is no god but the God of the children of Israel and I am a Muslim.’ Allaah says, “ Now you are repenting when you were corrupt before.” Allaah(s.awt) did not accept his tawbah because it was too late. So Allah (s.w.t) will accept the tawbah as long as it is done before this moment when the soul is leaving the body. And last night we spoke about death that it comes unannounced, you are not given any ultimatum you are not given any notice to tell you that you have an appointment with the angel of death at this date at so and so time. It comes unannounced and there is no way you can change that appointment no matter how busy you try to convince the angel of death you are. No matter how busy you are there is no excuse. So this comes unannounced therefore when is the best time to do tawbah? Right now! “ …. Isn’t it time for those who believe that their hearts would soften for the remembrance of Allaah?” Ya’ani means al aan right now this moment don’t delay. And if you read Qur’an you would find that the majority of the ayat that speak about the screaming of the people of the hellfire if you would look at the reason why they are screaming it is because of at taswees, the procrastination. Oh Allah take me back so that I would spend Oh Allah take me so that I would do good oh Allaah take me back…..It is all because of their procrastination of doing the good deeds, at taswees. ‘ Man ahabba liqa Allaah Ahabballahu liqa Allaah, waman kariha liqa Allaah karihallu liqa Allaah.’ Whoever desires and looks forward to meeting Allaah, Allaah would love meeting him and whoever dislikes meeting Allaah, Allaah would dislike meeting him.’ When Aisha heard this, Ayesha radhi’Allaahu anha would question she doesn’t understand something she would question. She told Rasulullaah (s.a.w), ‘Who of us does not dislike death? We dislike death, does that mean we dislike meating Allaah subhanahu’watala?’ Rasulullaah (s.a.w), ‘ This is not what I meant. But the believer when he is about to die he will be given the news that Allaah is pleased with him and Allaah will honor him so the most beloved thing to him becomes his future what is laying ahead and he would love to meet Allaah so Allaah would love to meet Him. But when the non-believer when is about die he is given the news that Allaah is angry with him and Allaah will punish him so the most dislike thing to him becomes what is facing him ahead so he dislikes meeting Allaah and Allaah dislikes meeting him.’ And even after the person dies and he is carried on the janazah Rasulullaah (s.a.w) says in the hadith narrated by al Bukhari, ‘ When the janazah is placed and the man carried on their shoulder if it is a righteous person it would say go fast as you can [ AAA: this person is in a hurry to go to the grave because it’s anticipating the reward of Allaah] and if it is otherwise an evil person then this person would say ‘woe to it where are you taking me?’ and Rasulullaah (s.a.w) said, ‘ Everyone would hear that sound except the human beings and if the human beings were able to hear it they would die due to that shock.’ That sound would cause them death, if they would hear that sound of the person saying do not take me there where are you taking me woe to this person where are you taking me? Rasulullaah (sa.w.) said, if the people were able to hear that they would die they would die due to the shock. As Sa’at, as Sa’at is death due to a shock, this is the reality that we don’t know. Rasulullaah (s.a.w) says, ‘ If it wasn’t for the fact that none of would bury the dead, I would have asked Allaah to allow to hear the sounds of the people of the grave. He says, ‘ I could ask Him to allow you to hear the voices of the people of the grave but I’m afraid if I do so none of you would bury the dead.

May Allaah’s peace be upon our sayyid Muhammad and his family and his companions.

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