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View Full Version : website gives you duas based on how you feel

11-06-2015, 02:28 AM
gives you duas :statisfie what dua you get?


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11-06-2015, 01:23 PM
:jz: for sharing the site. Masha Allah it works really well.

I put "Confident" and it gave me these 2 duas.

"No half victories"
يا رَبْ إذا أعطيتني مَالاً فلا تأخذ سَعادتي، وإذا أعَطيتني قوّة فلا تأخذ عقليْ، وإذا أعَطيتني نجَاحاً فلا تأخذ تَواضعْي وإذا أعطيتني تواضعاً فلا تأخذ اعتزازي بِكرامتي،
Oh Lord! When you give me wealth, do not take away my happiness. When you give me strength, do not take away my intelligence. When you give me victory, do not take away my humility. When you give me humility, do not take away my dignity.

Ya Rabb, izaa a3Taytanee maalan falaa ta'khuz sa3aadatee, wa izaa a3Taytanee quwwah falaa ta'khuz 3qalee, wa izaa a3Taytanee najaaHan falaa ta'khuz tawaaDa3ee, wa izaa a3Taytanee tawaaDi3aan falaa ta'khuzu i3tizaazee bi kiraamatee.

"Make me real"
يا رَبْ عَلمّنْي أنْ أحبّ النَاسْ كَما أحبّ نَفسْي، وَعَلّمني أنْ أحَاسِبْ نَفسْي كَما أحَاسِبْ النَاسْ، وَعَلّمنْي أنْ التسَامح هَو أكْبَر مَراتب القوّة وَأنّ حبّ الانتقام هَو أولْ مَظاهِر الضعْفَ
Oh Lord, teach me to love others as I love myself. And teach me to be as hard on myself as I am on others. And teach me to tolerate those who have higher authority than me. And teach me that the love of revenge is the primary sign of weakness.

Yaa Rabb, 3allimanee an uHibb anNaas kamaa uHibb nafsee. Wa 3allimanee an uHaasib nafsee kamaa uHaasib anNaas. Wa 3allimanee an altasaamuH huwa huwa akbar mraatib alquwwah. Wa an Hubb alIntiqaam huwa awwal muZHaahir alDu3f.

11-07-2015, 04:08 AM
peaceful :statisfie


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