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11-14-2015, 10:42 AM
1. The Colonised Mentality
These think whatever the white man says is truth and right. I think you may find these people near positions of power, may be hoping to become MPs or work in parliament etc. They tend to be in awe of the current system and may be eager to be part of the establishment. They love things like Eton and like very much to appear upper class. In my view they at lost and have no identity of their own. Busy trying to copy.

2. The anti-infidel Mentality.
This is the exact opposite of the colonised one. Here these people have a big superiority complex and think that because they are Muslim they have become superior human beings and have the right to denigrate others. This Arrogance they have blinds them and turns them into stupid people. But they don't realize this. Security services target such people because they are easy to exploit and drive. Eg they can implant people who work for them into these groups and those people can actually end up leading them. Because its easy to work out how they think and act. Hence fooling them is quite easy i think. Just shout Allahu akbar and talk badly and angrily about the West and they fall for you. Very easy to bait. These are types who end up being fooled into joining Isis i believe.

3. The thinking type Muslims
These people question things. And This questioning helps them realize what is a set-up and what is genuine. There should be more like them around. Especially when the Quran encourages such mentalities. "Do you not think (use your mind) ?" , the Quran says. Another verse is "These examples (ie stories/parables) we present in the hope that it will lead you to think", the Quran says (و تلك الامثال نضربها للناس لعلهم يتفكرون). Such type verses are very common in the Quran. God wants Thinkers not sheep.

4. The scared and quiet Muslim Mentality.
This mentality i think may be held by the majority of Muslims, especially those with professional jobs and careers. They basically want to keep their current job, and also to keep things how they are. They don't want to rock the boat. They don't know what will happen if they do. Too scared to think ahead and look at consequences of contueing as they are, or changing and not contueing. They just know one mode of operating and they stick to it. Does staying the same mean that things will stay the same around them or will things instead continue to change and deteriorate? Will islamaphobia die down by itself or will it continue to increase if no one challenges it? They just close their eyes and hope everything will be ok. Then one day as they are returning from work, a gang of thugs maybe waiting for them to tell them things didn't stay the same. The wakeup call would arrive. But it maybe too late for them by then. Another islamaphobic incident. More muslims killed or injured etc. But hopefully those continuing on their road of closing eyes and hoping that things won't change will then start to wake up and see things how they really are. Especially when the number of deaths increase significantly. At the time of writing its less than 5 i think. But plenty of injured. So will they see that the media is continuing in it's demonizing of Muslims and hence radicalising the masses against Islam and Muslims. And encouraging more and more people to join far right groups that would then form gangs of thugs ready to pay us visits that we would rather not have. For such Muslims i say, would you not rather open your eyes earlier and think about what positive things can be done to avert or reduce the problem? Or would you rather receive the visit?
Why not instead try to become thinkers, as the Quran advises, and try to see what can be done about the issue so that problems don't happen. The ball is in your court. You decide how you want your future to be. If you decide to start thinking you are welcome to join the group 'Muslim Free-thinkers club 2015' on facebook to join the thinking going on there.


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