View Full Version : What is True Islam (from my view point)?

11-14-2015, 10:43 AM
I keep using this term True islam, so i must give my understanding of it. And why I believe we are in false Islam ie a wrong understanding of Islam.
Ok this is a summary.
In the past, when Islam first came down via the Prophet Muhamed peace be upon him it was about mercy and freedom and no forcing. No one was forced to do anything they didnt wan to do. They followed the quran. Believe if you want to and disbelieve if you want to. There is no compulsion (ie forcing) in Religion.
But as you are probably all well aware its like the Quran has either been completely ignored, or we have started understanding it as if it says the opposite of what it says. So now many ISIS or wahabi types translate it the following way: "if you dont believe what i believe then you deserve to be dead and to go to Hell. You are all mushriks and I must hate you all. Death to all of you etc. "
This is how Islam has been warped and twisted and turned completely upside down. Allah says it is a mercy to ALL mankind and these guy are busy attacking mankind, and even muslims who think differently from them. So that means something very wrong has happened, over time.
What is that wrong thing that has happened and h
ow did it happen?
This would be the khutba.
Hint its to do with Muawiya changing the ruling system from shura (a type of democracy, where people can choose their leader) to kingship (a type of dictatorship where the king chooses who comes after him, usually his son). Anyone who disobeys is killed etc. Priesthood (false sheikhs) are created to keep the masses unaware and not thinking so that they dont realise what has happened.
These muslim priests got trained by the goverment so that they are trained in deception and fooling tactics. So that Muslims remain asleep and docile. Turning us into sheep that dont think and wont think and even afraid to think for themselves. Even though Allah in the Quran says we must think and use our minds. Again we stopped following Quran here too. Thinking to many muslims has become almost haram, especially if you want to question the basics. You cant. You will be labelled. Stigmatized.
This is how I see the reality today. Dont think if you want to be a good Muslim. Follow the specially trained sheikhs (the priesthood). To ensure you remain stupid and unthinking.
This khutba would be a massive shock maybe i think. But it needs doing and repeating everywhere , everytime until people get used to hearing it and are able to address all the issues it brings up. Very important this, in my view. Otherwise there is no hope of a revival. Tajdeed (renewal).

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11-14-2015, 06:14 PM
Asalaam O Alaikum brother Ali....

This is the most pressing issue at this time for the Muslims and I hope and pray that Allah (swt) make majority of Muslims realize this because we don't realize that the Fitnah's are emerging from within the Ummah. No doubt there are trials we're facing from the Non Muslim world, but what keeps us from defending that sort of attack is the love and brotherhood and mercy that we lack within the Ummah and thats because we've purchased ignorance for guidance.

We've purchased literalist dry understanding of Islam coming from misguided Fatwas from one type of Muslims. They think only they have Iman and others are all Kafirs and misguided. Unfortunately we have become very very narrow minded...

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