View Full Version : To compromise with baatil or not to compromise?

Saleem Khan
11-23-2015, 02:47 PM
A DISEASE which has beset the Ulama of the age is compromise with baatil. A variety of baatil excuses is proffered for justifying this compromise.

The following episode narrated by Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanvi (rahmatullah alayh) should be sufficient lesson for the compromisers.

When Sultan Mahmud Ghaznawi conquered India, he set about to demolish the Hindu mandir (temple) in Somnath. All the idols in the mandir were smashed. When the biggest idol was about to be smashed, the idol-worshippers passionately pleaded for their idol to be spared. They promised
to give in exchange the weight of the idol in gold if it was not smashed. Sultan Mahmud consulted with his advisors. All of them were of the opinion that since the country was conquered and the idols smashed, it would not really matter if the one idol is spared. The huge amount of gold could be put to constructive use. Sayyid Salaar Mas’ood Ghaazi who
was also present said: ‘This is tantamount to selling idols. Hitherto Muslim kings were idolbreakers,
now they will be labelled idol-sellers.’ Although this comment appealed to the Sultan, he still entertained a degree of doubt. That afternoon during his nap, he dreamt that he was on the Plains of Qiyaamah. An Angel leading him (the Sultan) to Jahannum was saying: ‘He is a idol-seller’. Another Angel responded:
‘No, he is an idol-breaker. Take him to Jannat.’ Suddenly the Sultan’s eyes opened. Immediately he issued the command for the big idol to be smashed. When the idol was smashed, its inside was found to be filled with precious stones the value of which exceeded the value of the gold which the idolaters had offered. Sultan Mahmud profusely expressed his gratitude (shukr) to Allah Ta’ala Who had guided him to smash the idol and at the same time bestowed such a huge treasure to him.”

Compromise with baatil is not permissible. The duty of the Ulama is to proclaim the Haqq and not to adulterate it with baatil. The argument of ‘hikmat’ to justify compromise with baatil is despicable carnard.

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