View Full Version : The "political shia" issue in the Middle East and Europe

11-26-2015, 08:13 PM
Premise: for "political shia" I mean a shia who supports oppression against muslims in countries like Syria, Iraq and Yemen. I don't consider a political shia a shia who opposes these injustices. So please don't get me wrong: when I talk about political shi'ites I'm not generalizing and not talking about the whole religious group. I know many shi'ites from Iran who oppose Khamenei and other evil leaders, and this topic is not about them.

There is a huge problem in the Middle East, and it's mainly caused by those political shi'ites who support oppression against muslims:

1) In Syria the alawites rule the country despite they make up just 10% of the total population, and they're supporting Assad despite the fact that all the people have rejected him.
2) In Iraq the shi'ites supported the American invasion and collaborated with the U.S. troops and helped them to carry on violence against sunni civilians, who were perceived as close to the Saddam Hussein government. They carried on a "revenge" (despite the fact that 60% of ba'athist Iraqi politicians were shi'ites) against sunni Iraqis for what Saddam Hussein did during his regime.
3) In Yemen the shia minority (35%) revolted and is now trying to take over the country.
4) In Lebanon Hezbollah rules the country despite shias make up just 27% of the total population.

I see a hypocrite behavior in their support for all those political facts. They're first of all incoherent, because:
1) They strongly opposed Saddam Hussein but they don't oppose Assad.
2) They call Syrian revolutionaries "jihadists" but they're perfectly fine with Houthis, even if it's a terrorist group.
3) They chant anti-American slogans but they're the first to ally with America (and other imperialist powers such as Russia), if this gives them a political advantage.

While I don't even remotely support Daesh, I think that it's just a consequence of all the discriminations that Iraqi sunnis have suffered from shias, and felt that all the world was against them. While I don't justify Al Nusra's crimes, I think that it's just a consequence of all the discriminations that Syrian muslims have suffered from shias, just like Hamas is a response to Israel's state terrorism. The equation is simple: any discrimination and oppression is followed by terrorism.
Political shias are the new colonialists. They want to rule our countries even when they're a minority, and when they're a majority they totally discriminate muslims.

I've even heard about cases of muslims that get discriminated in Europe by shias who tell them that they're a problem for Europeans, that they shouldn't emigrate. Some of them already vote for right wing parties like the National Front in France. I think that these "political shias" are islamophobes. I urge my muslim brothers to start boycotting these people: don't fraternize with them, don't buy from their shops. Don't help them in any way.

That's just my opinion which has been formed out of my personal experience in Europe. I'm sorry if this offends anyone.

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