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View Full Version : The Skins of Lambs Over Hearts of Wolves

abo mussaab
12-04-2015, 01:00 PM
It is reported that Abool-‘Aaliyah said:
“There will come upon the people a time when their hearts will be derelict of the Qur’aan; they will find neither sweetness nor pleasure by it. If they fall short of doing what they have been commanded to do, they will say: ‘Allaah is most forgiving, merciful (He will forgive us)’; and if they do what they have been forbidden from doing, they will say: ‘We will be forgiven, we have not committed any shirk with Allaah.’ Their affairs will all be based on [false] hope, having no truth and sincerity with it. They will wear the skins of lambs over hearts of wolves. The best of them in his religion will be someone who compromises.”
[Imaam Ahmad; Al-Zuhd, article 1741]

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