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View Full Version : Mosques surviving tsunamis and floods

12-07-2015, 05:35 AM

Have you also seen this before? What are your thoughts on this? See the pic below subhan Allah.

The Mosque that survived the 2004 Indonesian tsunami more than 10 years later.

You can also see on YouTube videos of all building and homes being swept away except the Mosque!

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Khalid Saifullah
12-07-2015, 06:13 AM
Besides Masjids, many people and animals also survive amidst destruction.

It simply means that life and death is in the control of Allaah.

Some Masjids survive the tsunami etc, this is a pure miracle and divine intervention of Allah.

Meant to make us turn to him.

But not all Masjids are always safe from annihilation.

Some are demolished by the hands of man, but Allah takes revenge on the destroyers itself and allows the Masjid to be destroyed.

Every situation is different.

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