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abo mussaab
12-21-2015, 03:45 PM
قال شيخ الإسلام ابن تيمية رحمه الله تعالى: وليُعلم أن المؤمن تجب موالاته وإن ظلمك واعتدى عليك، والكافر تجب معاداته وإن أعطاك وأحسن إليك، فإن الله تعالى بعث الرسل وأنزل الكتب ليكون الدين كله لله، فيكون الحب لأوليائه والبغض لأعدائه، وإذا اجتمع في الرجل الواحد خير وشر، وفجور وطاعة، ومعصية وسنة وبدعة، استحق من الموالاة والثواب بحسب ما فيه من الخير، واستحق من المعادات والعقاب بحسب ما فيه من الشر، فيجتمع في الشخص الواحد موجبات الإكرام والإهانة له من هذا وهذا، كاللص الفقير تقطع يده لسرقته، ويعطى من بيت المال ما يكفيه لحاجته، هذا هو الأصل الذي اتفق عليه أهل السنة والجماعة.
Ibn Taymiyyah may Allah have mercy on him said: let it be known that it is obligatory to ally with the believer, even if he oppressed you & assaulted you, and it is an obligatory to have enmity towards the disbeliever even if he gave you (what’s good) and treated you good, because Allah has sent the messengers and revealed the Books so that All of the religion would be for Allah alone, where love is for His allies and hatred is for His enemies. And if Good and Evil, Immorality and obedience, a sin a sunnah and an innovation, assembled in a single man; then he deserves allegiance and reward according to the amount of goodness he has. and deserves punishment and enmity according to the amount of Evil he has, and so a single person can have his rights of honoring and humiliation from this and this, like the poor thieve, he will get his hand cut off, but he will also be given from the Bayt Al Mal (house of money) what will suffice his need, this is the principle Ahlu Sunnah & Jama’ah agreed upon.

[28/209 ،مجموع الفتاوى لابن تيمية]

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