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abo mussaab
12-24-2015, 04:21 PM
Imam Ahmad رحمه الله said:
“I abandoned pleasing people so that I could speak the Haqq (truth of Allah & Islam without being shy or apologetic).”
● [سير أعلام النبلاء ٣٤ /١١]
Ibn Nuhās said,
“Waging Jihād on kuffar with your tongue is by allowing them hear that which they hate/despise to hear, by being stern/rude to them, to lampoon them & anything similar to this”
[Mashāri’ Al-Ashwāq]
And if you find that the disbelievers are pleased with you O muslim, then know that there is something very wrong with your Islam and that you are one who pleases those whom Allah hates.
For verily there is no prophet, messenger or follower of Truth who came and testified the Haqq, except that he or she was rejected and outcast by the people, or they were exiled, imprisoned or killed.
When those whom Allah hates smile at you then know that Allah is angry with you. And when those who Allah hates are angry with you, know that Allah smiles at you.

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12-24-2015, 04:37 PM
Jazakallah khair for that.

I need to state that I need further clarification on the above 'sayings' and although a few days ago, I would have given it more weight, but today, I question the reasons why those people say those things.

A thread by 'farhan'(?) about Allah's 100 Instructions says Allah's instructions were to lower our voices, to speak mildly, not insult other deities.


12-24-2015, 04:51 PM
Sound like 'your Islam' is full of hatred, bro abo mussaab.

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