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01-22-2016, 09:32 PM
This maybe a brow raiser for some but personally I'm beginning to feel as though Islamic events have become more of an entertainment. I mean, look around you. Before I speak about what is ongoing in current times, let me unearth history to you. The Duroos (lessons) of teaching were filled with simplicity, because life then was simple. A Shaykh who had Ijaazah in the specific field of studies would allocate his lessons at a particular Masjid at a particular time, or even his house, and the students would come there, no formal register or fees, just like a Bayaan in the Masjid, and it was for the masses to attend. Obviously with the formation of Madaaris this no longer happens. However, as time evolves we've grown to have events. At first, these events were as per the events that have taken place throughout history, whereby a scholar of a high calibre would give a talk and the masses would attend in order to take benefit. In the earlier times they also had men known as the Qusas (story tellers), who were known for sitting in the Masjid and just telling stories. They had a negative connotation to them. However, compare that to today's events, every homeboy from the street is being given a stage to preach? I mean, SubhanAllah, all a person has to do is scream Ahadeeth and a few stories, drop a few 'hard' lines and the people are amazed? Small minds are amused by small things and it's true, as we move forward, that we're getting thicker. As technology takes over our lives, we're becoming more and more weak minded and it's sad to see so many fall under this illusion, where if this self taught street gangster was to host an event, our brothers and sisters would rush, even if it meant travelling to another city, paying an entrance fee. But tell the very same individuals that there is an event at THEIR local Masjid by the qualified Imam, and they'll hesitate to go. This is what the Urdu saying "Ghar ki murgi daal barabar" refers to.

Masha'Allah we have so many events, by qualified Ulama, to such an extent where a person is spoilt for choice, but out of all the rankable scholars, noteworthy Ulama, and the Suyookh who have actually received Ijaazah in this field of theology, who have not only studied Uloom but have been spiritually nourished. Before the Messenger of Allah صلي الله عليه و سلم sent out the Sahabah to spread Islam, they had taken Bay'ah, they had their spiritual illnesses looked at by the best of mankind, and that is what these Ulama have been through. Studying Ilm is not only books; it's the entire cleansing of one's heart. Even a tape player can scream the Qur'an and Hadeeth at full volume. It takes a real player to live a life that it conveys.

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