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View Full Version : Your best amplifier is sincerity

Ali Hammuda
01-29-2016, 06:04 PM
Prior to the birth of the Prophet Mohammad PBUH, a man named Abraha (without the “m”), a Christian king from Yemen, built a colossal church of unprecedented grandeur which he named ‘Al-Qulayyis’, with the sole intention of diverting people’s pilgrimage away from Mecca to his building instead.

This didn’t sit well with people. To protest against this, one Arab pagan decided to make his way to the church, defecated inside and then plastered the walls of the church with his excrement! The message was clear:

This is what we think of your church.

This was when Abraha erupted with rage and decided to send a huge army of 60,000 men to reduce the Ka’ba to rubble, a plan which Allah would thwart in the most remarkable of ways, as was documented by the Qur'an, chapter of the elephant.


1 – Abraha was a king
2 – He possessed a huge following
3 – The building which he built was architectural genius
4 – He possessed *all* the tools which he needed to get his call far and wide

.. and the outcome?


Now, compare this incident with that of Prophet Ibrahim’s (PBUH) building of the Ka’ba.
The building which he’d built was very small, his followers were far fewer than that of Abraha’s and the *only* tool which he possessed for getting the message out
was his voice.

He stood upon a mountain and to the empty desert he yelled, “O people! Allah has prescribed pilgrimage upon you all so fulfil your duty!”

That’s it? That's it!

And the outcome?

Millions upon millions from all corners of the globe have responded and will continue to respond in droves.

The difference in outcome comes as no surprise. For what you just read is simply the difference between Ikhlaas/ sincerity and Riyaa/ pride.

The actions of the former will be backed by the Creator Himself and carried to corners which you could never even dream of reaching, whilst the efforts of the latter will die before they’re born or will rot soon after.

Your best advocate and your loudest amplifier isn’t your marketing

It’s your Ikhlaas/sincerity

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01-31-2016, 03:51 PM
Just shows that no matter what tools we have, it never ensures the outcome we aim at. No matter what tools we lack, with tawakkul and hard work, the outcome will always be the best.

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