View Full Version : I saw on Al-Jazeera news a photo of two teen age boys like bony skull faces.

02-23-2016, 08:22 AM
In the Name of Allah the Beneficent,the Merciful

I saw on Al-Jazeera news a photo of two teen-age boys suffering from lack of food/malnutrition. They were lying down and their faces seemed to be like bony skull faces although they were still alive!!! Their faces were very frightening!!!

I have heard and read about the cruel actions of Pharaohs but those cannot be compared with the cruel actions of the present pharaohs!!! Syria is the worst example (in my knowledge). What is happening now in Syria is a proof of the worst side of the human crimes. There are hundreds of thousands of such Syrians who are trapped and besieged to starve to death!!! They are not shown on media but a doctor was seen saying, “150 people are in seriously dangerous condition due to malnutrition!!! That means in the hospital, under a doctor’s observation, in a single unit 150 people are dying due to hunger. All of them will be having faces like bony skulls but they are not shown on the media because the criminal cruel Pharaohs still have a sense of shame, so they hesitate to bring out their shameless crimes. Note it that animals cannot commit such crimes while a human being with great wisdom and moral senses is making such crimes. So here we understand the verses which say that when man disobeys Allah and Allah’s Prophets alaihim salaam, then he becomes the worst of the creatures (asfala-saafileen).Allah’s Justice cannot be denied and the criminals shall suffer ever-lasting burning in Hell.

O mankind, I inform you about what I have read. Allah Almighty had made Hell long before the creation of Adam alaihi salaam. Then the angels used to weep a lot because they could see the terrible place for punishment and they used to be in fear of making a mistake which would cause them burn in the Hell. When Allah created mankind, angels stopped crying as they understood that Hell was made for mankind because mankind is given freedom of choice and is ordered to choose the Siraatil-Mustaqeem(The Straight Path)!!!

For us this Siraatil-Mustaqeem is given in the Holy Quraan and the Sunnah.
The HolyQuraan has described some horrible types of punishment in Hell!!! But thePharaohs are always so much heedless and stony-hearted that their cruel actions point to, 1). the existence of Hell, 2). That the Hell-Fire shall be ever-lasting !!! This is because man, in his short life commits such horrible crimes that the only justice, which will be enough to punish them, seems to be in the Ever-Lasting Hell.

Unfortunately, the powerful Muslims of the present era have very weak imaan (faith of Islam),therefore they cannot trust Allah for their help. Thus they are watching thePharaohs doing criminal actions.


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