View Full Version : I almost overdosed on supplements......but i have no options....

02-23-2016, 08:17 PM
I had such a horrible panic attack yesterday night, I had to take 6 l theanine supplements... (I took two in the morning)...here's the story...my brother was angry at my mother because she was working a 12 hour night shift and promised to take him to the gym to meet his friend....he got5 news that his friend was coming early, but my moms phones battery was out....he called and called, but she didn't reply...he left angry, screaming messages calling her vile names and cussing her out (he always does this), but this time I thought he was ready to kill someone the way he was screaming...he even left the house and searched the outskirts of the neighborhood for her car out of frustration.....my mom eventually came, with pizza that I asked her for, and I was worried my brother would get angry at me for making my mom late....she told him to hand them over to me...he refused, so she threatened to not take him...in order to neutralize them, I offered to take the pizzas from her door of the car....my eyes felt like they were rolling into my head, and as if they would be torn off the sockets, and my eyes itched uncontrollably....I also had slurred speech, felt dizzy and unbalanced, and I ended up taking 6 l theanine capsules with orange juice, since each pill did nothing and I had to keep taking another after another.....I ended up heavily sedated, depressed, and delusional and unusually calm.....my mom was furious at me and said I could have overdosed......I don't want to abuse medication but I cant find another cure....what should I do?

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Alpha Dude
02-23-2016, 09:45 PM
How old is your brother? Is there a father figure around? The way he is behaving with his mother is really bad. Is there someone older who can talk to him/knock sense into him?

02-23-2016, 09:56 PM
our parents are divorced, and my father lives 4 hours away....(by car) and my brother's 15, while I'm 16.

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