View Full Version : Quran Competition coming up, I am participating......Give me Tips :)

03-04-2016, 04:26 AM
New to this fourm. Asalamu Alaykum brothers and sisters. Inshallah in a few months, there will be a Quran competition in my state and I will be participating in it - Specifically in the 30 Juz section. Whoever wins gets to go to Umrah :D

Please make Duaa' for my victory!

Please give me tips, what are some ways I can get ready. I am a Hafid alhamdulilah but I am terrible at reviewing the Quran. I do review the Quran but I have no structure for it.

I have no problem with any question of the Quran, I automatically know which Surah it is and which page it's on, but the *Mutashabihaat* take a toll in my Hifd.

What are some ways I can generally review the Quran and what are some tips in general for preserving the Quran and getting better at it (no generic advice please XD).

Btw, the people I am competing against are absolutely great at the Quran, they make Zero mistakes. (Losing hope ;-) lol)

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03-04-2016, 01:28 PM

Welcome to IB brother :).

That's an awesome prize :ma:!

:ia: you will win.

One of the ways you can prepare is by watching and listening to fluent Qur'an reciters on YouTube, and see how they do it.

This is another Qur'an contest in Dubai:

03-04-2016, 02:09 PM
Not my place to advise. Generic advice not sought, but I can welcome you to the forum.

Go for the experience. A nubie to the forum and to the competition. Don't put pressure on yourself. Already losing hope. Aren't you setting yourself up to fail?

At the end of the day, only one person 'wins' the tournament. What about all the other participants? Each must have what it is they want. For you, to learn how not to think of the end prize or the competition (ie the super computer of a man) but only the next question. Developing your competitive skills.

Wishing you a great stay and preparation.


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