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View Full Version : Believe without watching (True Imaan)

03-10-2016, 10:49 PM
Once the Caliph, Harun ar-Rashid and his wife Zubaida Khatoon were walking along the riverbank when they saw the Majzoob Saint Behlol Dana making little clay houses, by poking his foot into the clay. These Majzoobs hide their intelligence behind acts of insanity and it is only a few that recognize them. Some reports say that Behlol, who always taught the Caliph some lesson, was the half-brother of Harun Rashid. Zubeida asked Behlol what he was doing and he replied that he was making houses for Heaven. She asked him if she may purchase one and he said it would cost her ten dinars. She promptly gave him the money, which he threw into the river. He told her that she might leave since she has her house in Jannah.

As they walked home Harun laughed and said that she had been fooled. That evening Harun dreamt that he was in heaven. In front of a house with a sign saying that this was Zubeida’s House. As he tried to enter the house the angels stopped him. He told them that this was his wives house but they protested saying that only in the earthly life the wife's house can be utilised by the husband. They said that in heaven each one gets what he earned in the earthly life.

He awoke in a cold sweat and he told his wife that he had to see Behlol first thing in the morning. They found Behlol at the same place that morning, doing exactly what he did the previous day. Harun told him that he wished to purchase a house. Behlol told Harun that it would cost him ten thousand dinars. Harun asked him why the price had escalated since yesterday and he replied that yesterday's customer had bought without seeing.​

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