View Full Version : A Dream, having cold wind and a tall but thin water tornado! Meaning please .

Mubashir Ahmed
03-12-2016, 02:56 AM
Assalamu alaikum,

Brothers and sisters, i saw a dream last night that i am at my house (not inside the rooms but out side, near our lawn, where our cars are parked, but there were none in my dream) I don't remember if it was raining or not, but most probably it did rain, it was me , my brother and my cousin standing out side, and there was a cold wind, after a short time a tornado was being created by air pressure but when it got created the tornado was full of water. We all ran away from it (i tried to take the chairs from there) and then i remember that my brother was holding the drawing room's door, i helped him open the door and the suddenly water of that tornado came to our shoulders and we felt a lot of pain.

I woke up and prayed fajar salah,. Please tell me the meaning of this dream.

And please pray that i get 90% in my 9th board exams (sindh board) Thanks :)


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03-12-2016, 09:00 AM

Mostly of dreams actually are just reflection on what's in human mind. In example, if someone getting bored with his working routine, then probably he would dream about traveling around the world on rocket powered skateboard. Dream can be weird, and usually are weird because dreams are not under control of human mind like conscious imagination.

So brother, do not easy to conclude that every dream is a 'sign' because 'sign' in form as dream very rare happen. Also, no one in the forum has capability to interpret your dream if your dream is really a 'sign'.

But, may Allah give you easiness in your exam.


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