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Ridwaan Ravat
03-15-2016, 02:02 PM

Rasulullaah صلى الله عليه وسلم has said that the following five people are regarded as martyrs:

● One who dies in a plague.
● One who dies of a stomach ailment.
● One who dies of drowning.
● One who dies after being crushed.
● And one who dies in the path of Allaah.

[Bukhaari 653, from Hadhrat Abu Hurayrah RA]

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~ Sabr ~
03-15-2016, 02:12 PM

There is du'aa that has been my favourite du'aa for a while now: (If someone could post the source :ia: that would be great)

  • ‘Umar radiyallahu ‘anh used to make dua saying, “Allahummarzuqnee shahaadatan fee sabeelik, waj’al mawtee fee baladi Rasoolik – O Allah, grant me martyrdom in Your Path, and cause my death to occur in the city of Your Messenger.“

03-16-2016, 02:35 PM

There are two kinds of shaheed (martyred).

First is "shaheed dunya", or someone who dies and can be buried as shaheed without normal procedure like washed and wrapped in shroud. Someone who died because plague, stomach ailment, drowned, or being crushed, become shaheed dunya who can be buried like someone who died in battle to defend Islam, although people still allowed to bury them in normal burial procedure.

The second is "shaheed akhirat", or someone who will go to jannah (heaven) because his death, like someone who died in battle to defend Islam.

So, if someone dies because plague or drowned, it doesn't mean then he will automatically become shaheed akhirat.

Eric H
03-16-2016, 03:47 PM
Greetings and peace be with you Ridwaan Ravat;

As part of the Street Pastor team in our town, I have often stood in the middle of drunken and sometimes violent conflicts. We have stood with Muslims who run our local kebab shops and with Muslim taxi drivers, in the face of racism and aggression. I would rather take the risk to stand up for justice, with people of other faiths, than stand up for other Catholics.

Of course I would stand up for other Catholics, but this would kind of be like looking after my own, my thoughts on justice is when we stand for others who are different to ourselves.

We do everything in prayer, and if we become victims, that is the will of God.

In the spirit of praying for justice for all people


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