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Quran Classes
03-22-2016, 04:59 PM
”When one visits the graveyard for a Janazah (funeral) he should do two things. The 1st is to have concern for the deceased. In our era people start to talk about the world. We should refrain from this as the deceased needs our attention and dua’s. Remember we will also have to be in the coffin one day and if we talk about the world during someone else’s burial, others will also talk about the world during our Janazah, depriving us of rewards that they could have sent us.

We should also refrain from meeting one another without need as we have our whole lives to meet each other. The deceased needs us at this moment and as such we should recite whatever we can. If we can pray the Quran we should pray a portion of the Quran for Isale Thawab. Alternatively we should recite Durood Shareef, pray Tasbih of SubhanAllah or whatever we can.

(It is the practice of our respected Shaykh hafizahullah that when he leaves home for a Janazah he completes a recital of Surah Yaseen for the Isale Thawab of the deceased and also makes intention that whatever act of deen is done en-route to the graveyard, these rewards should be for the Isale Thawab of the deceased.)

The second thing we must ensure is to remember our own death and utilise this opportunity to repent to Allah for our mistakes and start a new life without sin.”


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03-22-2016, 06:46 PM

When a close family member of mine passed away all the women came and instead of reading Quraan and praying they were gossiping.

It really did shock and upset me. I couldn't believe the disrespect amongst the community.

I voiced my opinion and the ladies were not very happy with me. Now they avoid me lol.

May Allah swt help us all be respectful amongst each other Ameen.

Quran Classes
03-23-2016, 06:58 PM
That's also happen with my family as well when my father passed away .. our relatives have different traditions which is not look like islamic we avoid it and try to do everything which is mentioned in islam but mostly peoples angry with us just bcoz of this reason .. But we are happy that we try to change old things which is not according to islam :coolious:

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