View Full Version : Fatwa and Taqwa of Abdul Qadir Jilani RadiALLAHu anhu

03-24-2016, 10:59 PM
During the times of Abdul Qadir Al Jilani Radi ALLAHu anhu, few people came and asked Him: Everyday when we pass through the roads, it's very difficult to prevent ourselves from the drops of impure water.

To which He replied, There is no need to worry until the impurity exceeds the size of a coin. (Here coin size is nothing but the size of One rupee coin, dollar or some other currency similar to that)

They listened to this and went back.
Next Day, they saw Abdul Qadir Al Jilani RadiALLAHu anhu cleaning his clothes. They observed that the impurity has not exceeded the size of a coin.
They were surprised to see that and asked politely: yesterday you Himself said that, there is no need to clean, if the impurity is less than the size of a coin. Then what made you clean your clothes?

To this question Abdul Qadir Al Jilani RadiALLAHu anhu replied: What I said to you yesterday was my Fatwa and what I am doing today is my Taqwa.


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