View Full Version : How to Support people and attract them towards piety

04-07-2016, 03:01 AM
Every day we come across with people who may be less pious than us. We think they are inferior to us. We think that these are the ones who are not following the religion completely.

But to be fair instead of looking down towards them we should be patient and help them with our Love and Knowledge.

For example, whenever we meet with a pious scholar or Awliya ALLAH, most of the time they know what's going on in our heart. They know what sins we did and how many mistakes we do everyday. Even after knowing all this, they still smile and talk with us.

Why? because love can change everything. If we don't attract people with our love and manners then how we are going to change them?

Learn how to be patient and that day is not far when the wrongdoer itself will come to you and will ask you how to get near to ALLAH The Almighty and HIS BELOVED - Prophet MUHAMMAD (Peace be upon HIM)

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