View Full Version : A Random Small Act of Kindness Makes a Big Difference

Khalid Saifullah
04-22-2016, 11:53 AM
A few days ago I was at a bus stop in town during the evening. The bus came on time & I took the window seat. The bus route was by the seashore & I was enjoying the breeze while watching the sea waves.

After a few minutes the bus made it's next stop. A young couple entered the bus. They were left standing when the bus took off. I glanced at them curiously & realized that all the window seats were occupied. They could sit but not together.

Suddenly a different wave passed through my body & my inner mind gave me the instruction to get up. I got up & offered them my seat (so that they could sit together) The young lady smiled affectionately & said, "thank u very much."

I occupied the other seat & we parted our ways. I don't remember whether I got off the bus before them or not.

Months passed by. Suddenly one day while I was standing at the same bus stop waiting sometime for the bus to arrive I heard a voice.

"Excuse me Uncle," I glanced in the direction of the voice. It was a heavily pregnant, young lady.

Puzzled, I said, "I do not recognize u."

She said, "But I do u. Do u remember u gave us your window seat?"

Puzzled, I said, "Maybe, but what is so great in that?

She said, "Uncle u simply acted like an angel for me. Had u not given ur seat on that day, perhaps I would have not sat with my husband. By sitting together it helped us bridge a misunderstanding that had been between us for quite some time & we were thinking of getting divorced. . Do u know we are getting our first baby next month?"

"Good! God Bless both of u," I replied.

The young lady again said thank u & went onto her journey. I realized the importance of Giving that day. I also realized that small things can create great happenings in life. This was a great lesson for me.

✽✽ ✽✽ ✽✽

Never overlook any act of kindness that u can do for another. Sometimes it may mean like nothing to u, but to the receiver it can make a world of difference.

Even a mere, insignificant small action when done with sincerity to please no one but اللّه Subhana Ta'ala may just be the deed that will attract the Mercy of اللّه
Subhana Ta'ala & can be our means to attaining Jannah.

Rasulullah sallallaahu alayhi wasallam said;
Do not consider anything act
insignificant, even meeting your
brother with a happy face.” (Muslim).

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