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04-29-2016, 09:52 AM
Halima's Story

"If HHUGS were not there, I wouldn't be alive right now"

Halima and her husband had just been blessed with the birth of their second baby girl when suddenly her husband was arrested.*

"That was the worst time of my life.”

All of their income and benefits were in Halima’s husband’s name, so when his bank account was frozen and closed down, Halima was unable to access their income or the small amount of savings her husband had accumulated.

“My husband was in limbo, they weren’t putting him on trial and they weren’t letting him go. Then they decided to deport him, which put me in a bad position because neither me nor my kids had [British] nationality.”

To read Halima's visit hhugs dot org dot uk

Finally, Halima was contacted by HHUGS and things began to get better. After hearing about her*situation HHUGS immediately sent Halima an emergency voucher and after conducting a financial assessment, approved monthly vouchers so she had the means to provide food for her daughters. Along with the financial and emotional support,*HHUGS knew that as a single mother, Halima would need practical help with her children and so they arranged for someone to help with school runs.

Halima wanted to become independent but needed HHUGS support to get there. So HHUGS paid for Halima’s driving lessons so that she no longer needed help with school runs. Despite the odds, Halima fought to become self-sufficient, she was given derivative rights which means she is able to work. She managed to improve her English dramatically and get a job as a cleaner where she took on as many hours as she was able to manage.

“HHUGS is the only thing helping. It’s like HHUGS can feel my pain. I am so happy with them.”

Halima is now an independent mother, no longer in need of HHUGS assistance, working, driving and setting an incredible example to her two young daughters and other women in her situation. *

“They never forget me, they always remember me; always. I was just telling my mum that I have always has no doubt in my mind that they can do anything for me. This sister (from HHUGS) told me that Allah is always there and HHUGS will always be there for you… whenever I’m in trouble I think there will always be someone there to help me. They will always chase you and you don’t need to call them, they will call you and when you tell them your problems, they help.”

“People who donate are doing a really good thing, they are really helping and they have no idea how much people need it…*People who are financially sound and can help; rather than sending their zakat and other money somewhere else, they should send it to HHUGS as I am a witness to the help HHUGS give, which I have received and am still receiving from HHUGS… I will pray for the rest of my life for all those people who helped me from HHUGS. May Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala grant all of you happiness and help you all in this dunya, Ameen.”

You can support sisters like Halima, to help them become financially independent and self sufficient. £500 empowers a sister. From English lessons to integrate with society, to educational/vocational courses, and skills training to enable them to provide for their families.

hhugs dot org dot uk slash education

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04-29-2016, 10:12 AM

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