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05-02-2016, 06:18 PM
Salams, when we are making dua to Allah SWT next to the graves of our loved ones who have passed away. Is it true that they can see us?

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~ Sabr ~
05-03-2016, 07:23 AM

I'm not sure about seeing, but they can hear us:

The dead hear the living ones: It is stated in the hadiths that those in graves hear the ones who speak while visiting them and respond to their salutations.

As narrated by Abdullah b. Umar, the Prophet :saws: addressed the corpses of Quraish people lying on the ground after the battle of Badr: “Have you comprehended that the punishment the Lord promised to you was true?” Upon this, Hazrat Umar said to him: “O Messenger of Allah :saws:, are you addressing those emotionless corpses?” And the Messenger of Allah said: “You do not hear more than those do. But they cannot answer.” (Ahmad b. Hanbal, II, 121).

On the issue, Hazrat Aisha narrated the following hadith: “Now that they have died, they will comprehend the reality better. As a matter of fact, Allah said: O by beloved prophet :saws:, you cannot make yourself heard by the dead”.

However, the majority of the Islamic scholars opposed Hazrat Aisha on the issue and based their views on the narration by Abdullah b. Umar written above because it was in line with other narrations. (az-Zabidi, Tajrid-i Sarih, translation, Kamil Miras, Ankara, 1985, IV, 580).


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