View Full Version : Jn 8:18 Jn 5:22 i believe the Quran and the Bible. 1 God (He's not Jesus)

09-05-2016, 09:42 PM
Hi please chat with me. I believe in the Quran and also the Bible. I believe Jesus was not God, but as Jesus said in John 8 "there are 2 witnesses, him and The Father." I believe the one called "The Father" is the God of the Quran. It's the same God.
I'd really like to talk to Muslims, or anyone haha.
In America people really don't believe in the Quran.
But THERE'S MORE SCIENCE AND MATH IN THE QURAN THAN IN THE BIBLE-i mean there's more proving the Quran came from God than evidence for the Bible.
I can't believe people grow old but still don't believe in the Quran. Pastors say the Quran is evil etc! That's evil that they say that, because they poison people's minds against the Quran.
People believe the Bible with NO evidence (they don't know the evidence) but they won't research the evidence of the Quran!! I think people who don't believe the Quran is true are spiritually dead.

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09-13-2016, 10:24 PM
Welcome to the forum(?)..

Yes, the Quran is a miracle in itself. Many things are uncovered with the advent of supercomputers, things that would not have been easy to do.

I suppose the science can also be 'signs'..

Wishing you a great stay.


09-13-2016, 10:47 PM
Ty! But Americans don't believe no matter what they see? (Yet). I was told i would go to Hell if i read the Quran-a pastor told me that basically. But then i researched it and saw the science etc.

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