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09-22-2016, 09:23 AM
Assalamu alaykum,

Another favourite hadith of mine. SubhanAllah, how can one ever feel alone or without hope after reading this?

AbuHuraira (ra) reported: The Prophet ﷺsaid

قَالَاللَّهُ عَزَّ وَجَلَّ أَنَا عِنْدَظَنِّ عَبْدِي بِي وَأَنَا مَعَهُ حَيْثُيَذْكُرُنِي وَاللَّهِ لَلَّهُ أَفْرَحُبِتَوْبَةِ عَبْدِهِ مِنْ أَحَدِكُمْيَجِدُ ضَالَّتَهُ بِالْفَلَاةِ وَمَنْتَقَرَّبَ إِلَيَّ شِبْرًا تَقَرَّبْتُإِلَيْهِ ذِرَاعًا وَمَنْ تَقَرَّبَإِلَيَّ ذِرَاعًا تَقَرَّبْتُ إِلَيْهِبَاعًا وَإِذَا أَقْبَلَ إِلَيَّ يَمْشِيأَقْبَلْتُ إِلَيْهِ أُهَرْوِلُ

Allahسُبْحَانَهُوَ تَعَالَى says:I am as My servant expects Me and I am with him as he remembers Me.If he remembers Me in himself, then I will remember him in myself. If he mentions Me in a gathering, then I will mention him in a greater gathering. When he draws near to Me by the span of his hand, I draw near him by the length of a cubit. When he draws near Me by the length of a cubit, I draw near him by the length of a fathom. When hecomes to Me walking, I will come to him running. :alhamd: [Sahih Bukhari ]

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09-22-2016, 02:33 PM
Jazak Allah Khair for the Hadith reminder.

09-22-2016, 05:49 PM
What a comforting passage.

Umm Malik
09-23-2016, 03:18 PM
Jazaki la Hu khayran sister

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