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10-06-2016, 04:14 PM
Bullying in any walk of life is one of the cruellest cowardly things another human can do. Mental and physical torment subjected onto another is often undermined by people suggesting the victim should stand up for themselves, retaliate and become just like the perpetrator. It's about time people took bullying seriously, and perpetrators subjected to criminal proceedings as they would in the case of actual bodily harm, for example, because the effects are often the same.

Teachers don't pay enough attention 2 these bullies they are scared themselves in case they report these so called bullying that they might find themselves being harass by them. It's time these teachers took direct actions & bring these bullies down to earth with some harsh words & action Not turn a blind eye & ignore the situation. I hope action is taken against the teacher who said will take action on Friday what use was suppose to be? Give the bullies few more days to bully someone else. Time 4 the school the government to stand up 2 bullying & sack this so called teacher & May this be a lesson to other teachers either stand up or be sacked. This kid lost his live due to this arrogant teacher I hope he/she will realise they got blood on the hands & are the killers of this 11 year old innocent boy who had the rest of his life cut short.

Bullying should be a criminal offence everything else is if I used the p word or the n word the police would do something about it but a child that is been bullied as no protection cos schools really don't do anything about it. Police say that "bullying is not criminal offence". Dose that mean bullies will always bully because they won't get punished cos it's not criminal offence ?? Bulling is a disease which is killing people and yet it's not criminal?? The law has a lot to answer to !!!! The school should train and update their staff on how to recognise which situation needs immediate attention. We have full faith and trust in school and teachers not that they turn blind eye on children who need immediate HELP! We can clearly see that the system has failed to save an innocent life. As far as I am concerned it's an assault be it physical or emotional should be classed as a criminal offence.

Majority of Muslim children have been bullied in state schools by other children as well as by teachers. The solution of this problem is that Muslim should have their own state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers who could understand their needs and demands. Native teachers are not role models for Muslim children during their developmental periods. The demand for state funded Muslim schools with Muslim teachers is nothing to do with segregation or integration. It is purely an educational issue. If you are not aware about educational process than keep your mouth shut.

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