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10-11-2016, 07:35 AM
Hi all,

I want to share my incredible experience with Istikhara recently.

The moral of this story is never underestimate the power of Allah (swt).

- - -

I am going through an extremely rough time, to say the least.

Having no idea where to turn, I log into an Islam Live Chat site for help.

The sister I am chatting with recommends that I perform Istikahara.

I don't know what Istikhara even is. I am a 3 year old convert.

After looking up Istikahara online, I say to myself, ok, let's do this.

So at night I roll up in bed, open Islamqa on my phone and proceed.

I recite the full dua, in English and Arabic, 100% sincerely.

It says to look for signs, seeing white or green is a good sign. Red is a bad sign.

Well, the whole sleep goes by without any event - until right before the end.

I hear beautiful voices singing a familiar song to me.

♫ In the arms of the angels, fly away from your comfort here. ♫

I wake up.

NO. WAY. Did that just happen?

I sit on the couch for 20 minutes wondering if I am going crazy.

Well, there is no way that I can afford it. The angels must be wrong.

A plane flight costs close to $1,000 and I only have $1,200.

I won't be able to eat, have nowhere to sleep, etc.

Why not look up some flights just in case there is a good deal?

To my surprise, flights are a lot cheaper than I had thought.

Being poor, I have never actually looked into flying.

I am on welfare, receiving $680/month from the government.

I am in no position to be able to afford flying anywhere.

But there is a flight to Mexico for only $250.

Either I am crazy or this is real - in any case, there is only one way to find out.

However I cannot buy the ticket online, otherwise I might get into trouble.

The government keeps track of all my purchases as I am on welfare.

So I take cash and the next day at 10pm, an Uber to the airport.

By the time I get there, there is only 1 counter open to get tickets.

But I still am not sure if I should go through with it. Why waste $500?

I haven't been on a flight for 6 years. I will have no money left.

I tell them I want to wait before buying, so I get something to eat.

She tells me there are 3 flights left so they might be gone very quick.

Well 30 minutes later I am finished eating and decide to go through with it.

- but the booth is now closed.

I lost my opportunity to secure one of the 3 remaining tickets.

After calculating finances, I do not have enough to take an Uber back home.

I must sleep at the airport and hope a ticket will still be available in the morning.

8 hours go by. By the time I wake up there is a big line at the counter.

I walk up to a sister with Hijab, who informs me there is still 1 ticket available.


So I buy the last ticket.

The time comes to go through security.

The guard will just not stop staring me down.

Maybe she is suspicious of my beard.

Or maybe it is because the metal detector just went off 3 times.

After getting hand-patted down and searched, I am free to go on the plane.

The time has almost come to find the truth.

As we board the plane, there is no turning back.

About to learn if I belong in an asylum for hearing voices.

I take my seat, no luggage only a backpack for carry on. We wait.

The plane slowly fills up. I don't see any angels.

Preparations are complete. We are about to takeoff.

At this point, I am getting ready to accept that I'm insane.

All of this because I heard voices in a dream.

But then...

"Hello ladies and gentlemen, I am your lead attendant for this flight...

please make sure your bags and luggage are safely stored in the upper compartments

for takeoff. We will be leaving shortly. But first, I must introduce to you our

other flight attendants. Standing in the back of the plane, do you see her?

She is an angel. She will help you with anything you need.

In the middle,
we have another angel...

if you need anything, she will help you.

Last but not least, in the front is yet another angel.

Call me Charlie - these are Charlie's Angels.

Don't hesitate to ask them for anything during the flight.

There are here to help you.

Prepare for takeoff.

I look to my right out the window, and cry.

I wasn't supposed to be on this plane.

True story.

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